Lake Sabrina Fish Report

Lake Sabrina - Bishop, CA (Inyo County)

by Lake Sabrina Boat Landing Staff

Lake rising, docks moving, Pontoon boat in sounds like the spring snow run-off is off to a GREAT start. With the lake coming up a foot to a foot and a half a day, it looks like we may be full by mid-July barring any areas down south needing water.

Fishing was awesome until Sunday. The fish were hitting just about anything you, your family and friends could throw at them. And talking about family and friend, there sure were a lot of you up at the lake this weekend enjoying the fantastic weather and magnificent views. The DingleBerry Waterfall is pumping and with the Little George Waterfall and George Creek all going gangbusters, it shouldn't be too long before the lake is chock-full. There is water running from everywhere into the lake. Back to the fishing report the inlets (any of them) were doing great with NightCrawlers, Salmon Eggs, PowerBait, Gulp, (maybe the fish were a bit overfed Friday and Saturday??), Red and Gold Thomas Buoyants, Super Dupers, and Flies. Trolling has been a tad bit slow. No big fish yet. And no one sent me a picture of that 14-pound Brown "caught" back at the DingleBerry Inlet Opening Weekend.

You couldn't complain about the weather this weekend - Highs in the mid 70s with the mid 40s for lows. Yowza! DEFINITELY REMEMBER THAT SUNSCREEN saw some pretty RED people this weekend. We didn't get a chance to listen to Howard this week, so check out his report at @ Hopefully we're in for some pretty nice weather for Mule Days.

Yup, Mules Days next week lots of events planned for Bishop this week Check it out at

The North Lake is still closed all the campgrounds are open (except North Lake) and ready for your group. Men, women and children remember that bug juice the skeeters are here and almost carried Nimrod away they're BIG. Lo got a haircut. Pictures next week.

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