Lake Sabrina Fish Report

Lake Sabrina - Bishop, CA (Inyo County)

by Lake Sabrina Boat Landing Staff

Saturday 7:00am to 7:00pm
Sunday 7:00am to 6:00pm
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 8:00am to 6:00pm

Not much of a fishing report, cuz there wasn't much fishing. With only small patches of open water showing around shore and that mostly in shallow waters, fishing for those anglers that braved the cold and black-ice covered roads was a bit on the slow side. The Dingleberry Inlet has opened up to a fairly good size for those hearty bunch of "fishin' fools".

A bit of a storm made its way into the area with flurries on Friday. Opening Day saw a few more flurries and icy roads. A few cars and trucks were able to make it up to the lake early Saturday morning but quite a few didn't have the traction to get up the grade. Reports came in about 8:00am that two vehicles had gone off the road; one at the North Lake road and the other at the winter closure gate just above Aspendell. Never did find the North Lake accident, but the one south of Aspendell happened by people driving too fast going up to the Lake, hit black ice spun landed on the passenger side heading down the mountain up against the winter-closure gate taking it off it's hinges. Everyone was just fine. The roads to both Lake Sabrina and South Lake were closed for about an hour until the road crews got up the mountain to cinder the roads.

The water that had opened up for Saturday fishing, froze over during the night with a layer of ice about a half-inch thick. Most of the Sunday fishing was done back at the Dingleberry Inlet. And, yes, there were fish coming out just not any big ones. Worms or jigs were doing the trick.

Rick thinks we will be ice-free in 2 to 3 weeks, of course, depending on what Mom Nature has in store for us. If Howard's (our local weather guesser) report holds there some unsettled weather in store for us this week. Howard is calling for a chance of precipitation due in Tuesday with temps in the low 50s for the highs and the low 30s for the lows not sure if that water from the sky will be in the liquid form or solid guess it depends on the time it comes down. The weekend forecast is for a chance of snow Saturday with the following week getting nicer and nicer. You may want to check it out your favorite weather guesser or try Howard's forecast at

Intake II was hit quite hard as it was the only open still water in the area. Cars were parked all over the roads. The Department of Fish and Game will be back up in the canyon once again this week stocking Intake II and the streams. The road to North Lake remains closed and I did hear the ice around shore was starting to melt but who knows now after the chill we had. Sabrina Camp is closed as is Willows on the South Lake side. Bishop Park, Intake II, Four Jeffrey, the Forks, Big Trees and BitterBrush (the new low campground between power plants 2 & 3) are open.

Not much news with the animals this week. Nimrod watched to goings-on from the side of the hill while Hi and Lo watched from beneath the 5th wheel just getting used to the people.

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