Lake Sabrina Fish Report

Lake Sabrina - Bishop, CA (Inyo County)

by Lake Sabrina Boat Landing Staff

Not sure where to start first, sorry I missed the report last week boy, were we busy THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Lots going on! We had a four-pound BROWN caught last week by Bishop local, George Kirby out in the back trollin' a BIG Rapala. And more new, ALPERS will be planted Sunday afternoon 5-31-09 for the:

2ndBishop Creek Canyon Summer Classic Trout Derby
June 1 to June 30, 2009

? Tagged fish to be placed in Lake Sabrina, North Lake, South Lake, Intake II, Weir Pond and streams in the Bishop Creek Canyon area
? Tagged trout correspond to predetermined cash prizes worth $30 to $300 each
? Contestant must bring tag and proof of registration to Bishop Area Chamber of Commerce to claim prize. Opened daily 10am to 4pm. Prizes maybe be claimed any time in June, but all prizes must be claimed by 12:00 NOON on July 1st.
? All registered participants, regardless of catching a tagged fish, will be entered in a raffle for additional prizes
? In addition to the tagged fish, all area lakes will receive an extra plant of ALPERS TROPHY RAINBOWS for this event.

Fishing, this past two weeks, has been a bit on the slow side we saw stringers coming out, but you were working for your dinner. Fishing the inlets with NightCrawlers or PowerBait had some fish nibbling the bait. Trolling flashers and a worm or a lure with a spot of red on them (ie Red and Gold Thomas Buoyant) or a WoolyBugger had a few fish trailing behind some boats. Those anglers not wanting to work very hard were seen drifting slowly across the lake using NightCrawlers. Those fishing from shore had luck with Salmon Eggs and NightCrawlers.

Lo got his haircut a week ago and he sure is enjoying the "LION-DOG" attention. He's so much cooler and happier. Some other entertaining news two climbers appeared to be stuck (it was actually their rope) on Cardinal Pinnacle -that's the big rock outcropping above Cardinal Village in Aspendell that at times looks like a face what with the different shadows on the rocks. They were still climbing down Sunday evening at 8:45pm in the dark not my kind of fun.

It's been a bit on the cool side with hit and miss showers and a few thunder-bumpers thrown in and can't forget the hail. Heard reports of snow at North Lake Friday Don't you just love the Sierras??? - Highs in the mid 60s with the low 40s for lows. Not much of any wind except when the thunder-boomers go through. Howard is still talking showers with a slight chance of sunshine through Friday then, so check out his report at @ It was supposed to be sunny today with a chance of showers pretty much showers and hail saw the sun for a couple of minutes at mid-morning. ALWAYS PACK A JACKET AND LONG PANTS!

The North Lake is finally OPENED. The skeeters have lightened up this week (or maybe they're just re-grouping) with the cooler temps, still remember the bug juice and COMMIT TO MEMORY, IF YOU PUT ON BUG JUICE, SUN SCREEN OR FOO FOO JUICE, WASH YOUR HANDS! THEN RUB THEM IN WORM GOO, TROUT ATTRACTANT OR POWERBAIT - GET THE OTHER SCENT OFF!

Also, don't forget your sunscreen and dark glasses, the glare on the water is soooo bright, they just might blind your eyeballs. PONCHOS or COATS MAY ALSO BE NEEDED - YOU NEVER KNOW!


You all have a great week and if the stress gets too great, you all know where to come to get some relief! But, remember you don't need to be stressed to come. WE JUST WANT TO SEE YOU SOON!

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