Current conditions at Bridgeport Reservoir have made the bite drop off significantly

Bridgeport Reservoir - Bridgeport, CA (Mono County)

by Bridgeport Reservoir Staff
(760) 932-7001

The end of July/August report is not all good news...The past two winters have been very short on snowpack and we are seeing the results.....low water and high temps.... Knew it was coming...Once the water temps go above 70 degrees the trout shut down their feeding activity. As of last week, that appears to be what is happening.

In a nutshell, here is the latest. Our Marina is done for the year, docks are out... The only launching is down by the Dam at a place we call the "Bathtub". Very solid ground and should suffice through the rest of the season. Large boats, no problem..We still have Rental Boats!!! They are outside the marina on a temporary dock.... Very grassy around the marina (have cut a highway through it) and the channels but once you get out towards Rainbow Point, the water clears.... Some algae but for the most part, very fishable all the way to the Dam... A good 2 miles of fishing... Now if we can just get them to bite!!! The temps are up, bite is down compared to what it was in May/June....60 fish days!!! Weather systems will play a large part influencing factors that affect the bite. Some days on...others not so... Very unlike what we are used to... warm temps= low oxygen levels...Trout do not like that and they simply shut down for awhile...If you are going out, trolling with Rapala's or lures should get some bites, otherwise Nite crawlers and mice-tails fished about 3 feet off the bottom. Fly-fishing is a hit or miss but always worth trying... Huge amount of Damsels right now and the midge hatch is every day...

Hang in there.... Cooler temps are about a month away, if Mother Nature helps us out...Early snow-storms??? Have seen them in September before....In the meantime come camping, enjoy all the other waters available in the area and the birding is just getting started!!! Saw a bunch of Egret's the other day along with the Osprey's and Bald Eagles

Happy fishing, have fun and be safe....Give a call anytime for the latest conditions 760-932-7001. Walker River Flows

Owens River Flows

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