Although the water levels are low the fishing is still good at Bridgeport Reservoir

Bridgeport Reservoir - Bridgeport, CA (Mono County)

by Bridgeport Reservoir Staff
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Hello to all you fisher folks!! Welcome to Bridgeport Reservoir!

A quick update for the month of June....Bottom line for this year, the Reservoir is low.. Not much run-off this year due to last winter's dismal snowpack. Somebody wasn't doing their "rain dance"....#1 GOOD NEWS!!!!

Fishing is very good right now. That should continue till the water temps warm up...When it gets to the middle to upper 70's, then the Oxygen content gets low and the fish don't really like that... They shut down their aggressive feeding.. The water temps should hold (60-70 degrees) through this month!!! The marina Is about done for keeping boats here unless you opt to be on the shore...#2 GOOD NEWS

We will still rent boats. We can put them outside of the marina like we do in the Fall..... Fishing really is good... Lots of mixed sizes.. Fish and Wildlife have stocked a lot this year... Too bad they are all "Triploids." A story in itself...Give us a call if you do not know about this!!

There are about 3 other agencies stocking up here this year. Would be nice if we could get some numbers from them but they (IAG, BFEP, and the Coalition from Mammoth) seem to be intent on either not sharing the info or not coordinating with each other. I am naturally skeptical!!!

OK, on to what will work....Trolling with lead-core line or weights and Flashers is very productive right now...Try Rapala's, Needlefish, Excel's, swim-baits or crawlers behind a 6 foot leader..Some grass showing up on the bottom but no major algae..Water is mostly clear... Work the 8 to 15 foot zone along Rainbow point, Off the Blue House and in the Narrows by the Dam.

Still fishing with Crawlers, Power-Bait(garlic) and Mice Tails suspended off the bottom anywhere from 10 to 36 inches. Fly Fishing with a midges and/or small streamers are getting a lot of action also.

We have info on the latest conditions and access to some very professional guides in the area. Give us a call anytime...760 932-7001 Boat safe and have fun!!

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Hello to all you fisher folks!! Welcome to the Reservoir! A quick update for the month of June....Bottom line...... Read More