Fishing Conditions 9/9/20

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Sierra Drifters

by Doug Rodricks
(760) 935-4250

Fires are burning all over the state, with some really bad ones that have left a lot of devastation and destruction. We are sending our thoughts out to those that have lost their homes during this fire season and hope others that are currently threatened make it through this. Weather in the eastern sierra has been very nice, with some afternoon breezes coming at just the right time to cool things off. A few rain showers here and there have taken place. Crowley Lake is still the winner for trophy trout and the best numbers. We have been seeing some 60 + fish days for the month of August, and September is staged for the epic fishing to continue. The fish have flooded both ends of the lake where the biggest tributaries are. The Upper Owens River is still producing with various dry flies, but water is low and clear so some sneaking up on the little rascals is in order. Hot Creek is also fishing well but can be challenging as we get into the later weeks of summer. The fish have seen it all, so get those drifts perfect, especially when fishing the micro-bugs. The East Walker River is fluctuating slightly up and down but holding around the 90 cfs average. There is some good fishing here with not as much pressure. The Lower Owens River is still running high for now, but we may see a flow drop this month. We will keep you posted.

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