Owens River Gorge Fish Report

Owens River - CA

by The Trout Fitter Staff
(800) 637-6912

Water conditions:
Water Temps: Mid 60's

Flow: 45 CFS. This is a permanent flow required to be maintained by LADWP
Now is the perfect time for the gorge, warm and cozy. Dry fly fishing has been good , evenings being a good time to catch the caddis.

Fishing Conditions and Hatches:
Very good to excellent
Nettles are almost gone but watch out for even the dead ones . . . they still bite!
Because of lower temps snakes have seemed to have disappeared also.

Recommended Flies:
Early morning try small Crowley midge patterns under tiny indicator or dry fly,as well as sp ent trico and caddis patterns. Late morning go to BAETIS!, hoppers,ants and beetles. Evening - caddis, leeches and buggers
Early morning sizes#18-#22s.Late morn. sizes#18-#22s for baetis,ants and beetles,#12-#14s for hoppers.Evening sizes caddis#20-#22s,leeches and buggers #12-1 4.

Guides Hint: Try fishing downstream presentations any chance you get. Because of low flows and clarity of water, your usual upstream casts and cross stream casts have a tendency to spook fish several feet in every direction.