Upper Owens Fishing Report

Owens River - CA

by The Trout Fitter Staff
(800) 637-6912

Water Conditions:GOOD
As of 9/18 the flow above Hot Creek confluence is 100 CFS. The water is slightly murky and temps are in the low 50's to mid 60's

Fishing Conditions and Hatches:GOOD
There are a lot of fish in the Upper Owens right now. You will find fish in almost any hole or suitable holding water. Fishing options range from fishing Dry's to Dry/Dropper to Nymphing with or without an indicator to Streamer fishing. Nymphing and Streamer fishing are producing the most fish as you are bring your fly down to the fish. There are lots of fish in the 8-12 " range and some large bows and browns 16" and larger. Midges hatch early and female Tricos around 9:00 with spinner falls around 10:00am.Midday the Tiny BWO's are back. From then on it is small Caddis and male Tricos emerging 4-6 p.m..

Recommended Flies:
Dry Flies:Rusty and Trico Upright Organza Spinners #20-22 in the morning.20Elk Hair Caddis #18, EC Caddis #18-20, #14 Hoppers mid afternoon on, with #20-22 Brook's CDC Baetis thrown in.Don't pass on#14-16 Stimulators as an indicator fly. Nymphs: #16-18 Copper Johns, #14 Royal Coachmen style wet flies, #14 Aquatic Moth soft hackles, #18-20 tan/brown CDC Caddis emergers, #22 Barr's Trico, #20 WD40 (black), #16-#18 Zebra Midges, flashback Pheasant Tails #20.
Streamers: Most anything in the evening…keep streamer smallish #10-14. Small trout fry or chub patterns like #14 PT's or Hare's Ears tied "dropper style" behind something bigger.

Guide's Hint: The water has gotten higher, increasing the depth of the river overall.Alot of the fish have spread out,but they're still spooky because of the pressure so move slowly and look for smaller #'s of fish holding in all the small pockets.Covering lots of water will only frustrate you and other anglers and irritate the fish. PLEASE,BE CONSIDERATE OF THOSE THERE BEFORE YOU. ASK PEOPLE ALREADY FISHING WHICH DIRECTION THEY'RE MOVING AND WERE YOU SHOULD FISH.DON'T WALK THE BANKS NEAR OR IN FRONT OF ANGLERS, YOU WILL SPOOK THE FISH, WHETHER YOU KNOW IT OR NOT!

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