Mammoth Lakes Basin Fish Report

Mammoth Lakes - (Mono County)

by The Trout Fitter Staff
(800) 637-6912

Water Conditions: Good
Water temps are now in the 50's and dropping bringing the fish into shallower water on the shelfs and dropoffs.

Very soon the Browns, Brookies and fall spawning Rainbows will start staging around the creek mouths.
Please fish the lakes but leave the streams alone,as the fish moving into these little streams will start spawning immediately and should be left alone,ESPECIALLY Twin Lakes.

Fishing Conditions and Hatches: Good
Excellent early morning, late afternoon and eve. Early and late you can have great dry fly opportunities with fish feeding on midges. With the onset of cooler shorter days the calibaetis and damsel hatches are pretty much over. In the evenings when the wind is not bad you will see a great midge hatch and they love the Griffiths gnat. Otherwise throw on the sinking line with a streamer and you can catch'em at any time of day, just vary your retrieve, depth and color. A Black Twin Lakes Special is my personal favorite.

Recommended Flies:
Mid day sink tip or full sink line tugging bugger or minnow imitations as lead bug then 18-24 in.dropper with, small midge or Grey Scud deep or along weed edge.Try hanging midge pupa patterns under an indicator
Griffiths gnats,midgelings, 22., Black Ants #16-#18.
Evenings, big wooleys, minnow imitations and zonkers.

Guides Hint: A little known fact about the La kes Basin are that there are a lot of Blue/Grey Scuds in the weeds on the bottom. Try fishing these near the bottom with a very slow retrieve.