June 23-29, 2019 - Virginia Lakes Resort Fish Report

Virginia Lakes - Bridgeport, CA (Mono County)

Skylar Liebrecht Long Beach 4lb4 BFEF, Rooster Tail 6-28, Little Virginia
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Virginia Lakes Resort Staff

by Carolyn Webb

Temperature was on the rise this week and we had a few days of high clouds with some clearing. Bring mosquito repellent, they're waiting in the unopened campground. Lower 139 will be open this week. Dennis' forecast area remains stuck between a subtropical high centered over New Mexico and a rather potent (for late June) upper low over the PACNW. This orientation will keep much of the region under a SW flow, sequestering any deep moisture into Northern Mexico. So we should have near normal temperatures and persistent dry weather thru the weekend and into early next week. It looks like we will make it through June / early July without any major heat waves. The stock truck arrived from Black Rock with trout for both Big Virginia and Little Virginia on Wednesday (500 pounds).

BAIT: Crawlers are bringing in trout even on the cold days but not usually after the sun warms the surface. Few people are trying salmon eggs and some are using marshmallows, but "meat" is what they want and on the bottom.

LURES: Buoyant's, Kastmasters (small), Rooster tails, mini-jigs if you have the right color.

FLY AND BUBBLE:  Few have tried, all have failed, just too cold this past week. Will do better as temps rise.

FLY RODS: Woolly buggers in black or olive, the staple. Small nymphs i.e., hare's ear, Prince nymph, Zug Bug or any other tiny creature.
If using type 3 don't use weighted bugs, floating line make sure the bugs have weight.

BACKCOUNTRY: Small brook trout on small lures and small mosquito flies.

NOTE: If the trout bleeds don’t throw it back into the lake, it will die and IT ATTRACKS BEARS. If you care about the resource please be careful when releasing fish back into the water, .


Trophy Trout for the week (*pix attached)
Little Virginia/LV, Big Virginia/BV, Trumbull/T*

Joe Stout of Poway, 3lb2 Trophy on powerbait 6.23 Little Virginia*
Karen Stout of Poway, 3lb7 Trophy on mini-jig 6.23 Little Virginia*
Adi Nishimoto Jenny Williamson of Dayton NV, 2.b8 (430) micetail, 6.24 Little Virginia*
Samantha Chor age 6 3lb3, Mila Chor age 9, Lance (father) Chor of LA on lures, 6.25 Lures Big Virginia*
Cole Liebrecht age 13, Long Beach, 2lb6 powerbait, 6-26, Little Virginia*
Cold Crook Placerville, 3lb8 crawler 6-27, Little Virginia*
Trenton Myers Placerville 3lb8 crawler 6-27, Little Virginia*
Gage Husky Bakersfield, 4lb3, 4lb (#490) 6-27, Little Virginia*
Angue Orazco Bakersfield, 3lb3 (#098) BFEF Jig, 6-27, Little Virginia*
Skylar Liebrecht Long Beach 4lb4 BFEF, Rooster Tail 6-28, Little Virginia*
Gage Husky Bakersfield 3lb6 Lure, 6-28 Little Virginia*
Ron Liebrecht Long Beach 3lb6 powerbait, 6-29, Little Virginia * (with wife)
Kelly Liebrecht Long Beach 3lb3 roostertail (456) BFEF, Little Virginia*
Shalishe Miles Eureka, 2lb6 micetail (453 BFEF), 6-29 Little Virginia*
Sandy Williamson of Dayton NV 3lb4 (#399) BFEF, micetail 6-29 Little Virginia *
Kai Ishisaka Monterey Park, 3lb6 (#416), 3lb3 (#408), 3lb4, Lure 6-29, Little Virginia**
Anthony Hernandez, Corona, 4lb (#406), 3lb4 Jigs, 6-29, Little Virginia **
Tony Miles Eureka, 3lb5 on tube jig, 6-29, Little Virginia *
Kirk Larsen Oakhurst, 3lb8 powerbait, 6-29, Little Virginia*

Virginia Lakes Resort is located near the top of Conway Summit between Mono Lake and Bridgeport, CA. We have everything you need to enjoy the Eastern Sierra. Check out our WEBSITE.

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