Virginia Lakes Fishing Report

Virginia Lakes - Bridgeport, CA (Mono County)

Chris Joslyn of Rio Grande, 2018 BFEF trophy 5lb 3oz on a worm Little Virginia, 6-13-19.
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Virginia Lakes Resort Staff

by Fish Reports Staff

June 9 -15, 2019 -  Virginia Lakes Resort Fish Report

Weather: -   (7am Temp  Sunrise/Sunset) 


Fishing started slow but picked up as the temps increased in the afternoon, crawlers


Cool but warmed nicely


Warming continues with high clouds

Saturday 44º

Very nice but clouds building late afternoon without precipitation

Starting temperature was cool this week and we had a few days of haze with some clouding. Bring mosquito repellent, they are starting to show up in very small groups in search of exposed skin. Little Virginia thawed on the 5th of June, Trumble lake thawed on the 3rd and Big Virginia is almost ice free. Air is cool but comfortable. Lots of tubers on the lake.

The stock truck arrived from BFEF on Thursday with a nice load of trophy's all between 2 1/2 to 4lbs. Nice fish. DFW stocked 500 lbs on Friday afternoon. Also nice fish.

BAIT:  Marshmallows started the week then graduated into a Christmas tree (salmon egg with a worm added). Night crawlers inflated or not and pinched crawlers took over for a large part of the week.

LURES: Red gold Thomas Buoyant's, small gold Kastmasters, swim-bait, jigs with various other metals.

FLY AND BUBBLE:  .No action yet

FLY RODS: Mainly streamers, black woolly buggers, olive and burgundy/black, (my dirty doc), prince nymphs, bird's nest, a few small midges when the temp is at it's daytime highest.

BACKCOUNTRY: Lakes frozen, Blue will ice out first, but a lot of snow back there. Caution is the word past Blue Lake as the trail is icy in the morning and breaks down later in the day. You will break through the snow up to your knees past Cooney Lake.


Trophy Trout for the week (*pix attached)
Little Virginia/LV, Big Virginia/BV, Trumbull/T*
Tagged fish were stocked by BFEF & VLR

Chris Joslyn of Rio Grande, 2018 BFEF trophy 5lb 3oz on a worm Little Virginia, 6-13-19*Scott Holland of San Dimas, BFEF 3lb 4 on a Kastmaster, 6-13-19 *
Jeff Paggi of Three Rivers BFEF, 2lb6 (362), 3lb (459), 2lb4 (407) on lures 6-14-19 on Little Virginia*
Dennis Paggi of Northridge, BFEF 463 3lb 8oz Lure, 6-14-19, Little Virginia*
Kieth Lam age 14, Stockton, BFEF (no tag), 3lb10 Kastmaster, 6-14-19, Little Virginia *
Sherwood Petersen, Lake Forest, BFEF (no tag) 4lb 1oz, Buoyant, 6-14-19, Little Virginia*
Inhee Park, Glendale, 4lb 1oz, pinched crawler, 6-14-19, Little Virginia (442)*
Dick Ginese, West Hills, BFEF (no tag), 2lb 6oz rainbow glitter powerbait, 6-14-19 Little Virginia*
David Castanega, Azusa, 3lb4 on a crawler, 6-15-19 Little Virginia*
Nick Golgart, Laguna Bch, 3lb4 BFEF(495), 3lb (455) on jigs, 6.15.19 Little Virginia*
Michael Golgart, Costa Mesa 3lb4, (443) BFEF 6.15.19, Little Virginia*
Scott Holland, San Dimas, 3lb4 Trophy, Kastmaster, 6.13.19, Little Virginia

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