Silver Lake Resort Fishing Report!

Silver Lake - June Lake, CA (Mono County)

Kaz Hosazawa of Cerritos caught this Rainbow fishing on the far side of Silver Lake using a night crawler weighing in at 5 pounds 7 oz

by Andrew Jones

The fishing this week at Silver Lake has been a lot like the weather, beautiful at times and not so good at other times.  But much like the weather, if you wait a few minutes things got better and better.  The proof is in the pudding as we saw lots of really nice big fish weighing in between 3 and 6 pounds come in all week but we didn’t see many stringers or consistent fishing.  As always, you put in the time, effort and patience you generally will be rewarded.  With that in mind, we are in the heat and glut of the summer and the lake is being fished really hard lately.  DFW is on schedule to plant both Silver Lake and Rush Creek at some time this coming week, which will help some with the consistent side of fishing.  Anglers have seen some good results with the staples here at Silver Lake; Night Crawlers, Garlic Power Baits of all colors, Garlic infused Pinch Crawlers, Mice Tails and various other Power Baits with some bright colors in it.  The good old Gold/Red Thomas Buoyant or any lure with some reds, oranges or pinks in them have done very well too.  Tasmanian Devils, Rapala, and some flashers with a worm behind it have done pretty well too.  As the summer progresses and the weeds on the bottom of the lake continue to grow, look to increase your leader to make sure you stay out of the weeds and are hunting at the top of the weed line.  Good rule of thumb, if your hook has weeds on it when you pull it in, your leader isn’t long enough, think 3 to 4 feet!!!
Boats have been selling out just about everyday here at Silver Lake Resort, so if your interested in taking a boat out you may want to call and reserve one before you come up.  $55 for a full day boat (7am to 7pm) or $45 for a half day (7am to 1pm or 1pm to 7am).  Hope everyone has a great week ahead and we look forward to seeing you here at Silver Lake.

The Silver Lake Resort is a full service resort in June Lake, CA. We offer accommodations for fisherman throughout the trout season. We have cabins for all size groups, an RV park, a Cafe with fabulous food and a general store to meet your needs. If you would like to book a trip to Silver Lake call them at (760) 648-7525. For more information check out their WEBSITE.

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