1400 lbs of Rainbow Planted in 10 days!

Silver Lake - June Lake, CA (Mono County)

Long time Silver Lake Resort Customer Bob Rucker of Pinion Hills drug in this beautiful 7 pound 8oz Rainbow while fishing from his boat, like his does every single day. Bob was pulling a Thomas Buoyant Gold/Red lure trolling around the lake.

by Andrew Jones

I’m not a firm believer in bad fishing, however, I am a firm believer in slow fishing.  With that in mind, how do you solve the problem of slow fishing, in the middle of July when there is a ton of anglers on the water, and its hot?  You hit the jackpot and get FOUR loads of Rainbows dumped into Silver Lake in a matter of ten days.  Yep, you heard correct.  Two loads of DFW catchables at 800 pounds and Two loads of Desert Springs Oregon Rainbows weighing in at 600 pounds.  Getting loads like this can turn slow fishing into great fishing in an instant and that is exactly what happened here at Silver Lake this past week, which tuned grumpy fishermen and women into happy, smiling fishermen and women!!!
The lake has finally flipped, meaning that the cooler water is at the bottom and the warmer waters are at the surface.  It took us awhile to flip over this season due to extra cold water dumping into Silver Lake late into the summer.  But now that it has happened the fishing, in theory, should stabilize and get a consistent pattern.  The top of the water temperature is sitting around the mid 60’s so those fish will be feeding up top early in the mornings and late in the afternoons and will be deeper towards the bottom of the lake in the mid day and hottest part of the day.  Look to have a longer leader then you might think as the weeds at the bottom are starting to grow and it is always best to stay right at the top of that weed line, look at having a leader that is 3 to 4 feet.  Anglers saw some good results this past week using any Berkley Products that have Garlic in it, like Rainbow Glitter Garlic, Chartreuse Glitter Garlic and Garlic Infused Pinch Crawlers.  Anglers also saw some good action trolling the lake with some Rapala and Thomas Buoyant with some color in it, like red or pink.  The bugs are out in full force so besides arming yourself with some good bug spray, try using some dry flies like a Yellow or Red Humpy, Mosquito, or Grey Hackle Peacock at the surface of the water early in the mornings.  The fish are out there, if your not catching, try another type of bait or another spot.  Fishing is a lot like hunting, good prep work, good stalking and good technique will always win out.  Time and patients my good friends.

The Silver Lake Resort is a full service resort in June Lake, CA. We offer accommodations for fisherman throughout the trout season. We have cabins for all size groups, an RV park, a Cafe with fabulous food and a general store to meet your needs. If you would like to book a trip to Silver Lake call them at (760) 648-7525. For more information check out their WEBSITE.

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