Bishop Area Update

Bishop Creek - Intake II - Bishop, CA (Inyo County)

by Jared Smith
(760) 873-4177

Knowing that we're dealing with yet another drought year, we're currently expecting conditions very similar to 2014, which all things considered was great. South Lake will be a non-factor again this year with insufficient snowpack to realistically store water - it's a hike-in lake with only holdover 'bows, Browns and Brooks to be had, and its a slow pick so I don't recommend folks waste their time. North Lake and Intake II will be business as usual - very little drought impact at these locations and the little snowpack should make for good access. We expect the creek flows for the opener and throughout the season to be on par with what we usually see in the fall, with exception to the first month or so of the season where flows on the South Fork will be slightly elevated in favor of storing water at Sabrina. All of the backcountry waters were spectacular last year with only 1 of the 40 some lakes being noticeably affected. There talk of smaller than normal DFW stockers being put in this season so my recommendation for folks is to downsize their tackle for the best results. This means 1/16oz spinners, small jigs, trout worms, flies and smaller bait hooks will be the most effective. Also, early in the season the DFW stocking truck tends to make less stops along the way due to snow banks or mud - this may or may not be the case this time around but folks shouldn't waste too much time at one spot on the stream in favor of working stretches of stream instead of a single pool.

Ice fishing is an absolute no-go.

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