Lake Sabrina Fish Report

Lake Sabrina - Bishop, CA (Inyo County)

by Jared Smith
(760) 873-4177

Another outstanding Fall week at Lake Sabrina and lots of people to enjoy it this weekend - many of the autumn leaves have fallen and with the breezes and cold front due in the week many more will go. Only one week left in the Lake Sabrina Boat Landing season, but fishing season at the Lake continues until November 15th. The Lake continues to drop at about 2-3 inches a day.

The catching part of fishing picked up a bit this week. The DingleBerry Inlet is still your best bet with NightCrawlers, Jigs (Sierra Slammers) or PowerBait. Trolling is still on the slow side. Drifting has not done much as there has not been much of a breeze (but the breeze part is going to change). Shore fishing with PowerBait, NightCrawlers or tossing Lures.

Lillian Gilbert of Apple Valley made her PaPa Jeff proud catching her first trout on Salmon Eggs. Way to go, Lillian!

The deer are still visiting, both in the morning and evening - tis quite a sight to see them right out the back kitchen door - they particularly like the rhubarb leaves and apples in the yard.

North Lake and Willow campgrounds are closed for the season. Camp Sabrina is scheduled to close on Wednesday, October 15th - getting a bit cool at night for the potable water.

Temps are expected be in the low-70s on Columbus Day, a cold front comes in Monday evening along with some breezes and temps drop to the low-60s on Tuesday and then down to the high-50s on Wednesday and back up into the low-60s by next weekend. The lows are now getting down into the low-30s - yup, it's Fall. DON'T FORGET YOUR JACKETS & YOUR WOOLIES! You can also check out - enter Aspendell, CA (which is the little community right below Lake Sabrina) in the search field and you'll get the forecast for the higher elevation or take a look at Howard Sheckter, our local weather 'guesser' report at

Remember the sunscreen, ponchos and dark polarized glasses. The glare off the water is tough on the eyes. And if you have allergies - PACK YOUR MEDS. It's tough breathing out there for some - what with runny noses, stuffed noses & watery eyes, believe us, we know!

One other important item - bug juice, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, cologne, perfume, or any other foo-foo juice is like a fish repellent. If you use any of these items you're basically using fish repellant, and will need to wash your hands, then apply Bite-On fish attractant or rub your hands in worm dirt or pour some Salmon Egg juice on your hands... anything to get the foo-foo stink off your hands.

The Café is closed for the season. We will continue to be open for boat rentals, tackle, snacks and cold drinks until October 19th at 1:00pm.

Store Hours - Closing Oct 19 @ 1:00pm

Saturday & Sunday
7:00am to 6:00pm

Monday thru Friday
8:00am to 6:00pm

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