Bridgeport Reservoir will close on Oct. 27th for the season

Bridgeport Reservoir - Bridgeport, CA (Mono County)

by Bridgeport Marina

Last day for our Resort is Sunday the 27th. No more boat rentals this year...Fishing remains open till Nov. 15th. After that, there are 3 waters open in Mono County......... Hot Creek, The Upper Owens And the East Walker. Artificial fly or lure, barbless, zero limit.

Very quickly, here is the latest....... We thought the bite would come on strong due to lower water temps, but....still slow...The fish are there because we have metered a lot. Maybe the Reservoir has to turn over...Our Marina is done for the year, docks are out... The only launching is down by the Dam at a place we call the "Bathtub". Very solid ground and should suffice through the rest of the season. Large boats, no problem.

Ok...If you are fishing from the shore, try Orange or Rainbow Power Bait suspended from the bottom. Nite Crawlers with Marshmallows and dunked in Sardine Oil is always a sure bet at this time of year... Also....Lures and more lures, especially late in the evening or when the weather is really bad!!!! Some of the best times to fish!!! Do not forget about Salmon Eggs.... It is a different Bait that the fish here do not see that often.... Trolling..... Top Line lures or use Weights or Lead Core to drop down 10 feet or so...change up your speed and make lots of corners!!! These fish love to attack on the turn!!! Whatever you do...change it up...Think outside your comfort zone...outside the box....Use trolling Flies, Swim-Baits...yes the kind you use in the ocean!!! Rapala's size 5 and 7's should do it.....Flatfish, Panther Martin's, Kastmaster's, Tasmanian's, Needlefish and Excel's....Or troll bait!!! This really could be Epic this Fall because these trout have had no pressure and have been growing..... Fly Fishing.......Fish around Rainbow Point, The Narrows or the Dam Area, that about covers everything fishable right now.... Probably going to be mostly using streamer type flies. Intermediate to Fast Sink Line is recommended. Wooley's, Matuka's, Punk Perch pattern's and if you have any of those bright Steelhead Salmon things...Use it!!! Always try to have 2 rods with you for those warm days so you are ready for that midge hatch.... Use float tubes, fish from shore or your best bet...Rent a Boat from us!!!!

For the winter try the Lowers Owens River near Bishop! Ski in the morning, Fish in the afternoon. Or try your hand with some guided fly-fishing trips!!! Sierra Drifters Website.
Good fishing, have fun and be safe....Give a call anytime for the latest conditions.......760 932-7001 SNOW DANCES are REQUIRED this Winter!!!!!!

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