It's that time, fall colors at Lake Sabrina

Lake Sabrina - Bishop, CA (Inyo County)

by Rick, Patti, Juanita and Jerrod


Colors are pretty much finished at Lake Sabrina, but the colors in Aspendell and on the South Lake Road are outstanding - especially when the sun shines on those quaking Aspen leaves - a spectacular view!

Had quite the time Saturday, with Tess Anne of Bishop Pack Outfitters - a ride from Cardinal Village - up the pole line road (next to the middle fork of Bishop Creek) - dazzling sights to behold - and the best part - riding to the back of the Lake! Rick thinks the last time horses or mules were ridden in the Lake bed was when the dam was built - although if you remember we had a mule in the Lake last year, but not by choice.

Had quite a few people up at the Lake - lots of dam walkers on the dam - and with the vintage cars in town had a few of them that made it up this far - some stupendous cars seen this weekend!

Nothing has changed on the fishing scene - still the same stuff working on what is left of the Lake - Fishing in deeper water (that would be behind what is normally the Island or taking a bit of a hike to at least the front of the back natural Lake) with NightCrawlers or PowerBait. Fishing the inlets (not much water coming in at any of them) with a fly and a bubble, NightCrawlers, PowerBait or Lures are getting limits. Most are catching and releasing so as to not have to carry out a limit. And yes, depending on your auto, you can still drive to the front of the back Lake - AND PLEASE REMEMBER TO PICK UP YOUR TRASH when leaving - sure would appreciate it.

Watch out on that new bridge that you don't get going too fast - it narrows back down at both ends - also - there's people now parking and fishing off our extra-wide bridge - just be careful.

Once again we have cooler temps coming our way with another chance of SNOW (yea) in the forecast then temps climb back up into the 50s for highs and 20's for the lows - Fall is definitely here. Check NOAA's website at and enter ASPENDELL, CA on the site and it will give you a fairly good hint at the weather up at the Lake or check in with Howard at

I'll be out of town for the next two weeks - so no fishing report or weekly updates - Rick will be taking pictures of what's happening and I'll get them out with a report when I return.

Putting in a few new stairs this week - and one more small wall to paint - and then it's on to red stain - oh, and - if you happen to come by and see a "CLOSED - GONE FISHIN" sign on the door, it's because we haven't had a car in the lot for at least an hour or two and we're tired of scraping and painting - hope you understand the closed sign - the fish are calling or just some us time out in the back. Bryan will be here during the week periodically to give us a chance to get off the mountain.

Juanita, Rick, Patti, & Bryan

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