Salmon-Peach PowerBait is the hot bait at Lake Sabrina for trout right now

Lake Sabrina - Bishop, CA (Inyo County)

by Rick, Patti, Juanita and Jerrod

Watch out for the Deer - they are on the move!

The Lake rose just enough over the last week for us to get boats on the water - Rick has the deepest channels marked so both you and our boats can get thru safely. Unfortunately, we still do not have enough water for the Pontoons, but we're still hopeful.

We know it was hot in Bishop over the weekend, cuz it was darn warm up at the Lake - we were in the low 80's - so if you're in need of cooling down, come on up to the Lake! Also, looks like we might be in for some thunder-boomers today (Monday) - it's looking might dark in the backcountry.

It appears that many of the fish have not figured there's water in the front of the Lake - now don't get me wrong, there are fish up front just not a lot, but we're hoping that will change this week with the first Department of Fish and Wildlife stocking.

Bait fishing (PowerBait (we've heard the Salmon-Peach is hot right now), Salmon Eggs & NightCrawlers) is still outdoing lure fishing (Red & Gold Thomas Buoyants, Super Dupers or KastMasters). Lures are working in the morning and evenings, while bait fishing is performing better all around. Four-wheeling to front of the back natural Lake is pretty much a done deal for this year (and we're hoping you'll not be able to drive to the back natural lake for many years to come - as we really hope we'll have lots of water in the future)!

Father and son duo, Mike and Collin Greenwood, pictured from Brea worked together using NightCrawlers to come up with limits for dinner and memories for life.

Man, there is so much pollen out there, but boy does it help with the color in the area. The wildflowers are starting to bloom. The pine trees are full of pollen producers and there are lots of baby pine cones on those trees. The White Birch Fir trees are candling and the new growth on these trees are lime green - they almost look fluorescent. We've got wild purple chives, two different kinds of yellow Columbines, the white Lilacs are making the trail from the Café to the launch ramp smell divine and the Canadian purple Lilacs are close to blooming. We've got pink flowers, lots of different white flowers and even more yellow flowers in bloom that I have no clue as to their names. With everything starting to bloom, if you are prone to allergies - don't forget whatever you use, cuz the pollens of Spring are definitely in the air!

The California High School State Rodeo finals are at the Tri-County Fairgrounds this week. These are some of the most pleasant well-mannered kids you will ever have a chance to meet. If you have a chance, please take the time to support them in their bid to go to Nationals in Wyoming in July.

Temps appear to be dropping back into the normal range - low 70's for the highs and low 40s for the lows. Sounds like the perfect weather to be on the Lake - not too hot - not too cold. You can check and enter ASPENDELL, CA on the site and it will give you a fairly good hint at the weather or check in with Howard at

Looks like they're moving right along on the bridge - they're even working weekends.

Most of the big skeeters have bit the dust, but we've now got the normal size skeeters - so don't forget the juice - Remember when using the bug juice and SANITIZER you need to really wash your hands before fishing - then rub some Salmon Egg juice, worm dirt or Anglers Bros Trout attractant to take that smell off. Also, remember your polarized dark glasses and sunscreen.

And, of course, we'll have HOMEMADE pie & ice cream, sodas, beer, wine, coffee, tea and hot cocoa!

Juanita, Rick, Patti, Bryan, Len, Ginny & Tommy

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