With Fall in the air fishing is good at Lake Sabrina

Lake Sabrina - Bishop, CA (Inyo County)

by Rick, Patti, Juanita and Jerrod

There is definitely a nip in the air, so Fall must be near, but you wouldn't know it from looking at the trees - hardly any color showing yet - but as Rick says 'every year's different!' And this year has been a very different year. Our bald eagle is back as is the osprey, so keep your eyes open and maybe you'll get a chance to watch the professionals fish the Lake.

Fishing is still good - with another DFG stocking on Monday of lots of pan-size fish and then the Alpers that were stocked the week before - there are lots of fish to be had. If you're fishing the Inlets, try using a WoolyBugger (it's a fly), NightCrawler or PowerBait. Lures haven't been working all that well at the Inlets - but remember - fishing is a personal preference kind of thing - if you only use lures - you'll probably catch fish at the Inlet. If trolling is your thing, flashers and a NightCrawler are working, or just use a swivel, split-shot and a NightCrawler, or just a lure, or a swivel, split-shot and WoolyBugger - if going one way around the Lake doesn't work, try going in the opposite direction or speed up or slow down - if you're not catching fish one way - try another way. They're catching fish from shore and the dam using PowerBait and NightCrawlers and if you're into the quiet, drifting over the rock piles with NightCrawlers or PowerBait is a great way to catch fish. Adrian Becerra, in the photo of Ontario picked up a couple nice Alpers on Shawn's Smoking Jigs - a 2-3/4 pounder along with a 3 pounder. If you're not sure how to rig up your line, come on into the building and ask - we're always happy to help.

CAMPGROUNDS ARE STARTING TO CLOSE IN THE BISHOP CREEK CANYON - SABRINA CAMP, NORTH LAKE & WILLOW closed September 18th @ 1:00 PM. The only campground to take reservations is Four Jeffery (www.reserveamerica.com and enter Four Jeffrey) all others are first come first serve. There is a full hook-up campground also on the South Lake road, Creekside RV Park. Remember to take it easy on all the mountain roads, the deer are out in the mornings and evenings and there's lots of hikers out there - can't stress this enough!

Like I said before there is definitely a nip in the air - temps were in the 60's for highs and in the low 40's, but it looks like temps are going to rise over the coming week. You can check www.weather.gov and enter ASPENDELL, CA on the site and it will give you a fairly good hint at the weather or check in with Howard at www.MammothWeather.com. REMEMBER THAT JACKET - IT TENDS TO BE BETWEEN 25 AND 30 DEGREES COOLER AT THE LAKE.

Haven't seen a skeeter this week, so maybe that's over and done with, but remember when applying bug juice, sunscreen, SANITIZER or any other FU-FU juice, WASH YOUR HANDS! The juice you apply will taint your tackle and bait. You know it tastes yucky, the fish think it tastes yucky, too, although have you ever tasted PowerBait or Worms - to each their own.

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