Fishing Is Still Good at Lake Sabrina

Lake Sabrina - Bishop, CA (Inyo County)

by Rick, Patti, Juanita and Jerrod

Once again, proved wrong! Last weekend didn't seem to be the last hoorah, cuz this past weekend there was an even bigger hoorah at the Lake - THANK YOU AGAIN and THANKS TO OUR GREAT EMPLOYEES! The weather was once again perfect! Not sure what's in-store for us this coming weekend - might be a little moisture till the weekend - then a bit warmer for the weekend - no color showing yet - not even our lonely little Aspen that turns before anything else is showing color. Have no fear we will keep you informed about the color.

Just about any way you wanted to fish was working and is still working. At the Inlets, NightCrawlers, PowerBait and PowerWorms were bringing in the limits. For those that like to keep on the move flashers and a NightCrawler, or just a WoolyBugger or just a NightCrawler worked. Shore fishing with PowerBait, Salmon Eggs or NightCrawlers had anglers hopping and drifting about the rock piles with NightCrawlers or PowerBait was bringing in dinner. If you're not sure how - come on in and ask!

Steve, Alex, and Jeremy Guerrero from Placentia along with Adam and Austin Ramsey from Norco caught their trout dinner using PowerBait, NightCrawlers and Trout Traps. Now the story they tell is they 'caught limits because of the pie. And speaking of pie, the berries from Oregon arrive on Friday - so we'll be having Marion BlackBerry Pie, LogenBerry Pie, BoysenBerry Pie, RaspBerry Pie, BlueBerry Pie and StrawBerry - Rhubarb Pie along with Apple Pie, Cherry Pie and Peach Pie - all can be topped with Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream. Mouth watering yet????

All the campgrounds in the Bishop Creek Canyon are still open. The only campground to take reservations is Four Jeffery ( and enter Four Jeffrey) all others are first come first serve. There is a full hook-up campground also on the South Lake road, Creekside RV Park. Remember to take it easy on all the mountain roads, the deer are out in the mornings and evenings and there's lots of hikers out there - can't stress this enough!

As I said earlier, a bit warmer this coming week - highs in the mid-70's with lows in the high-40's - doesn't get better than that! You can check and enter ASPENDELL, CA on the site and it will give you a fairly good hint at the weather or check in with Howard at REMEMBER THAT JACKET - IT TENDS TO BE BETWEEN 25 AND 30 DEGREES COOLER AT THE LAKE.

Now I don't want to jinx anything, but the skeeter population seems to be diminishing - you can still get into some good pockets of the little critters, but they're nothing like they were - but still remember when applying bug juice, sunscreen, SANITIZER or any other FU-FU juice, WASH YOUR HANDS! The juice you apply will taint your tackle and bait. You know it tastes yucky, the fish think it tastes yucky, too, although have you ever tasted PowerBait or Worms - to each their own.

We've still making HOMEMADE vanilla ice-cream to go with our HOMEMADE pie - we also have sodas, beer, wine, coffee, tea and hot cocoa during our regular store hours!

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

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