South Lake Is Back on Fire

South Lake - Bishop, CA (Inyo County)

by Jared Smith
(760) 873-4177

The lake got hit hard by the summer crowd the weekend of the 14th which made fishing on Monday and Tuesday of this week pretty slow compared to the last few weeks...and then the DFG came to rescue with not one, but two stockings in the later half of the week which set the bite back on fire in a big way. By Friday when the 2nd stocking arrived the fish from Wednesday plant had rolled around to the Rock Slide which pretty much looked like an aquarium with the fish schooled up heavily there.

All three inlets are again holding fish but the Gilber Glacier inlet is no doubt the best as of right now. Some bruisers were sighted back there but as of this week the big fish are still either not biting or breaking off folks with their drags set too tight. Keep those drags loose folks, that's the best way to land the big one.

The Rock Slide has a whole bunch of stocker rainbows stacked up on it right now and with the big white boulders now fully submerged, you can see every fish as it swims by - pretty cool stuff.

The dam is also holding a lot of fish but the bite has slowed a bit here now that anglers can fish right off the dam.

A lot of folks out there trolling this week but not very many reports of great success from them. The folks doing best are either soaking Powerbait or Crawlers at the inlets or throwing plastics. Grasshopper mini-jigs, pink mini-jigs, and pink or orange plastic trout worms hare still producing a ton of fish. When the bite gets tough folks putting on a mealworm or piece of a nightcrawler are still doing good.

SCE has increased creek flows in the So. Fork Bishop Creek and they are holding South Lake at just a few inches below the point of spill. We're not quite sure if they're going to let the lake spill or not but either way, the lake is just about as full as it ever gets and the views are spectacular!

And remember folks, late next week will bring us the highly anticipated arrival of the second half of the Alpers Trophy Trout courtesy of Southern California Edison so the lunkers should be a-plenty for at least a few weeks after that stocking.

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