Slow and Steady Is the Bite at South Lake

South Lake - Bishop, CA (Inyo County)

by Jared Smith
(760) 873-4177

The bite remained steady this week following a 1200lb stocking by the DFG but overall things have slowed down a bit. Big fish are being seen and and hooked but very few were landed.

All three inlets have tons of fish but fishing pressure has them a little spooky. Folks are doing best on mini-jigs, Powerworms and nightcrawlers fished under a bobber. Remember folks, do not use weight or a swivel with mini-jigs - just tie them straight on your 2 lb or 4 lb test line. If you need a hand, ask the guys at the boat shack and they can show you how to rig up the right way.

The dam is still holding a lot of fish as well, especially in the corners where the DFG fish are staying schooled up. Some decent fish to 3lbs reported from Phantom's throne.

The lake is now just inches from spilling over the spillway and its gorgeous out there. The second half of the Alpers purchased by Southern California Edison are scheduled to arrive on August 25th so look for things to really heat up towards the end of the month.

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