Great news! The Hunewill pond is back in action!

Hunewill Pond - (Mono County)

by Kens Sporting Goods Staff

We are happy to announce that the pond on the Hunewill Ranch is fully stocked and back in action as of May 22, 2023! We are once again booking time on the pond which is located on the ranch here in the valley. The pond is catch and release, barbless fly fishing only and float tubing only (no fishing from the shore is permitted to prevent erosion). A half day costs $60 and a full day is $105 and is limited to 4 anglers per day. We have the calendar ready at this time to reserve your dates.
Great news! The Hunewill pond is back in action! The ranch planted the pond last week with 400 pounds of trophy sized fish and 400 pounds of smaller but catchable fish! We are back to booking trips on the pond, fly fishing catch and release only, float tubing only. The Hunewills had some clients out there this week and they did excellent stripping leech patterns as well as fishing nymphs under indicators! The calendar is ready for your bookings!

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