Bridgeport Update

Bridgeport Reservoir - Bridgeport, CA (Mono County)

by Kens Sporting Goods Staff

I went to check on the situation at Bridgeport Reservoir about an hour ago and it is 100% ice free! There is some ice/snow along the shoreline but I think it will be melted by the weekend, if it isn't, it won't be enough to keep you from fishing the shoreline. The reservoir is very low and if/when the wind kicks up it may get muddy because of the low level but it will definitely be fishable come Saturday. The "Bathtub" launching area is going to be the only place to launch a boat, right now it's about 95% dry, there's a couple of very small patches of snow down there but no problem launching a boat at this time. The "Public" ramp is clear but the water is 80 - 100 yards from the bottom of the ramp right now so it will not be usable for the opener. Most of the small stub roads at the dam end of the reservoir are pretty dry so access should be good, I would use caution and not drive too close to the water and risk getting stuck, sometimes down there the top layer of dirt can be/look dry but a few inches underneath it can still be muddy, tow trucks cost a lot of money to operate these days.

The East Walker is still running over 1000 cfs and will likely be at least that high by the weekend, it's a pretty tough go down there right now. I hope this info helps out with your plans a bit! Hope to see y'all soon!!

I almost forgot, I heard today that Mono County is stocking fish this Friday in Upper Twin, Lower Twin, Robinson Creek and Bridgeport Reservoir, I understand these will be mostly fish around the 1 pound range, and the Bridgeport Fish Enhancement Foundation is planting Bridgeport Reservoir with 3 to 8 pound fish this Thursday!

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