Spring is... Springing

Crowley Lake - Mammoth Lakes, CA (Mono County)

Photo Credit: Jim Elias

by Jim Elias

Water Level - 6768.6ft - Water is clear - Surface temps near 58-59 by early afternoon, bottom temps still around 52

Rod Size: #5-#6 Weights

Tippet Size: 3-4X

Leader: Deep Indicator Rig 15-25ft, 9ft 3-4X

Dries: N/A

Nymphs:  Black Zebra #16Gray/Black Midge #16-18Albino Baron Wine #16, White Tiger #16 , Copper Tiger #16, Albino Baron Red #16, Red/Black Midge #16

Streamers: Black Maribou Leech #12



Water temps are slowly creeping up, but the water is staying clear. The fish are happy and pulling hard for now. Hatches have been strong with things getting going around 9-9:30. The fleet is gathered at Stormy Flats still. I've been marking and catching fish over in Christmas and Layton as well as further Northwest of the fleet over near Sometimes Bay. Marking fish anywhere from 12ft all the way out to 22ft. Seem to do better early in shallower when the fish are mostly eating larva and then moving out deep once the hatch starts to get going and they start keying on gray and black. Stomach samples have confirmed that the midges hatching are gray/black and maybe a touch bigger than a size 18, so you might need to play with size a little bit. The fish haven't been very leader shy so I've been running 4x, so no need to go super light just yet, as long as you're using Fluorocarbon tippet. Fish numbers have varied by the day, I'd love to tell you all I'm just slaying it out there catching big numbers of big fish, but the instant that wind comes up the fishing seemed to slow down considerably. The winds been all over the place lately and hasn't been making my job particularly easy, so if you're out there spinning in circles on your anchors, so am I. 

Fish Mammoth Guides Services is located in Mammoth Lakes, CA (Mono County). Fishing Guide, Jim Elias, can take you fishing on Crowley Lake, Upper Owens, Lower Owens and East Walker River. To book your guided fishing trip with Jim Elias please all him at (760) 582-2195 and for more information please visit his WEBSITE..

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