Virginia Lake Fish Report

Virginia Lakes - Bridgeport, CA (Mono County)

by Carolyn Webb

What will Mother Nature send out way in the next few days? Whatever it is hopefully it will include more of the same without the smoke from the fires over the mountain. Visibility has decreased in the last 24 hours, but it clears up at this elevation overnight into the early morning. Hopefully these fires will be under control in the near future.

Biggies for the week were caught by Matt Ross of Orange with a 3lb 2oz Alpers on a fly, Todd Roberts Jr., age 11 with his 3lb 2oz Alpers out of Little V on 8.22.9 on a nightcrawler, and 2 more fatties came out of Big V, but no report on who caught them. We did catch some people fishing at 10pm last night and ran them off the water.

Fishing has been great, and as I always say \"catching has been even better\". Many anglers are having some 30 to 40 fish days without a breeze and clear warm days, which is surprising as it\'s always easier to catch when there is a chop on the water\'s surface.

Top bait for the week was garlic power bait followed by salmon peach, night crawlers, baby crawlers, and salmon eggs.

The hot lures were red/gold Buoyant (red hook), gold fire stripe Hot Shot, Lip ripperz and Kastmasters (gold prism).

Flies were a mix of standard dries, Virginia Lakes special, Rickard\'s AP olive, sow bugs, foam-back halo midge, naked olive elk hair caddis, small PMD\'s, black/olive Matuka, flash-body olive bugger, Carey special (old version, not mine), Hornbergs, and hair ants to name just a few (ha-ha).

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