Lake Sabrina Fish Report

Lake Sabrina - Bishop, CA (Inyo County)

by Lake Sabrina Boat Landing Staff

We think summer has finally gotten here. Rick and I spent a gorgeous day out on the back side of the lake Thursday afternoon. Beautiful blue skies, fluffy white clouds drifting by, a breath of a breeze once in a while and fish, lots of fish jumping all over the place- makes ya sorta want to be here (that's the plan - J). We still had a bit of weather in the Bishop area and the mountains were still making weather of their own. We had rain with snow flurries until Thursday and then wouldn't you know it the strong breezes arrived on Friday afternoon. There was a good rock slide just north of the North Lake road, Wednesday, actually 2, the second one made it to the road. Check out the picture!

Lots of dads out on the lake this week, especially this weekend. Fishing was fair with lots of limits leaving the lake for those with a little patience. Heard quite a lot of fish stories from those anglers 'catching and releasing' their fish. The Department of Fish and Game stocked the lake last Friday with pan-sized fish.

One more week and weekend left of the Derby with lots of pink $100 and $300 tags still swimming in the Bishop Creek Canyon Drainage - check out the details below:

2ndBishop Creek Canyon - Summer Classic Trout Derby
June 1 to June 30, 2009

  Tagged fish to be placed in Lake Sabrina, North Lake, South Lake, Intake II, Weir Pond and streams in the Bishop Creek Canyon area
  Tagged trout correspond to predetermined cash prizes worth $30 to $300 each
  Contestant must bring tag and proof of registration to Bishop Area Chamber of Commerce to claim prize. Opened daily 10am to 4pm. Prizes maybe be claimed any time in June, but all prizes must be claimed by 12:00 NOON on July 1st.
  All registered participants, regardless of catching a tagged fish, will be entered in a raffle for additional prizes
  In addition to the tagged fish, all area lakes will receive an extra plant of ALPERS TROPHY RAINBOWS for this event.

Once again, fishing with PowerBait, Gulp, Salmon Eggs or NightCrawlers gave the fisher-people at the DingleBerry and Little George Inlets a bit of action. Trolling flashers with a NightCrawlers or using lures such as the infamous Red and Gold Thomas Buoyants and drifting NightCrawlers or PowerBait was working for those in boats. For those on shore, PowerBait was the name of the game.

During this past week, Bishop hosted the California State High School Rodeo contestants and their family and friends. As expected, it was again a pleasure to be around the kids participating in the rodeo - always so well-mannered.

* * * NEWS FLASH * * * Verizon will be removing the payphone out in front of Lake Sabrina Boat Landing this week. Cardinal Village will be your closest option as not very many cell phone providers work in the area.

Once again, we had it all this week including sunny weather and wind. Rick and Bryan saved an overnight unattended boat left on shore. Remember to check with Rick prior to beaching your boat. With the expected winds, the boat would have swamped and been under water except for our boys - Thanks, Guys! The high temperatures finally hit the high 60s and the lows were in the low 40s, but the temps are on the rise. Try this website for a pretty good weather guess for the Bishop Creek Canyon area,, enter ASPENDELL, CALIFORNIA, in the search area and that will give you information about the weather in the small community you pass just before getting to Lake Sabrina.

The skeeters should just be about ready for another assault. With the return of warmer weather the skeeter returns and with all the moisture we've had in the last 3 weeks (YIKES), so remember the bug juice and COMMIT TO MEMORY, IF YOU PUT ON BUG JUICE, SUN SCREEN OR FOO FOO JUICE, WASH YOUR HANDS! THEN RUB THEM IN WORM GOO, TROUT ATTRACTANT OR POWERBAIT - GET THE OTHER SCENT OFF!

Also, don't forget your sunscreen and dark glasses, the glare on the water is soooo bright, they just might blind your eyeballs. PONCHOS or COATS MAY ALSO BE NEEDED - YOU NEVER KNOW!


We will be welcoming a new face to the Lake Sabrina Boat Landing staff, Samantha (Sam for short) - Juanita's grand-daughter.

You all have a great week and if the stress gets too great, you all know where to come to get some relief! But, remember you don't need to be stressed to come. WE JUST WANT TO SEE YOU SOON!

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