Bridgeport Reservoir Fish Report for April 1, 2009

Bridgeport Reservoir - Bridgeport, CA (Mono County)

by Bridgeport Reservoir Staff
(760) 932-7001

Welcome fisher folks to the 2009 season!! Opening day is April 25 so make plans soon....Finally Mother Nature is is trying to work with us... Recent storms are filling the reservoir and the long range forecasts are positive... Last year we experienced a lot of dry weather and the levels of the reservior suffered.... The fishing DID NOT!!!! It was very consistent.. (My take on low water.....Same amount of fish, just more concentrated, hence....easier to catch?????).....Also thanks in part to fish stocking in 2008, both by the DFG and The folks at Paradise Shores and their Brown Trout program.

So this year we are all hoping for a lot of water and runoff in the spring....Fishing should be very good as there was quite a bit of stocking done last fall.....However, this year we must keep or eyes and ears open to further developments within and around the DFG. A lot of groups out there seem to be Hell-Bent on putting a stop to all fish stocking(unless EIR's are done).....Center For Biological Diversity (just one of many) ring a bell???? Ironic that they are pushing for just having native species in all waters...Look up Diversity....Anyway, this a continuing story we all want to follow......A letter( or a phone call to the DFG either in Sacramento or here locally (760) 934-2664..Hot Creek Hatchery) can always help to insure support for continued oppurtunities for fishing in the Eastern Sierra. For the winter fisher folks there are waters in Inyo and Mono County to fish. The lower Owens and Pleasant Valley reservoir are great.... And in Mono County The Upper Owens, Hot Creek and the East Walker are open for catch and release, zero limit....Check out updates for these areas on the guide page...Don Quillici, outdoor writer extrodanaire, is back for the Northern Nevada crowd ...See in the outdoor section for updates and news for the area...And of course, feel free to give a call for any further info.... I guess thats it for now...Stay warm, pray for snow and rain!!!!!

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