Fishing is slowing down a bit but you can still get into them!

Crowley Lake - Mammoth Lakes, CA (Mono County)

Brown Trout
Photo Credit: Jim Elias

by Jim Elias

Lake is down a couple of feet now. Water is getting large patches of stringy green algae. Surface temps at or above 70 degrees mid day - bottom temps nearing 65 in most places.

Rod Size:  #4-#6 Weights

Tippet Size: 3-5X  

Dries: Not Yet

Nymphs:   Copper/Black Midge #16Copper Tiger #16, Black/Red Midge #16, Red Baron #16Rasta Midge #14, Grey/Black Midge #16, Fat Man's Favorite #16

Streamers: Just about any Damsel Pattern, Ditch Damsel, Ultimate Damsel, Real Damsel, Blob Flies

Well the party had to end eventually. That was a crazy good streak right there! Had damn good fishing since June 1st through a few days ago. I pumped a fish a couple days ago and saw nothing but midges, even the one I pumped yesterday had very small larva and some red and black pupa in there. Today, we struggled. The first fish we hooked I had the stomach pump in it faster than you could say the words. Two midges and a load of daphnea. This fish was caught at Sandy Point around 10 this morning. I was metering suspended fish, and immediately thought to myself they were eating daphnea, pumping that fish a couple hours later confirmed my suspicions. This happens usually once or twice a season out here. Thankfully it only lasts a week or two and runs its course. The good news is, if you know how to use your fish finder you can still get on some fish. The key is fishing at the depth you're metering the fish at. So if it's 20ft deep, and you see fish halfway down the water column, set your bobber so that you're hanging your flies 10ft off the bottom. Big and flashy would be recommended to grab the attention of the fish who are mindlessly swimming through clouds of daphnea. That's the first option, the second one is to drive around until you see fish at or near the bottom. Found some fish inside Big Hilton, and Alligator point that were not suspended. There are some fish moving from sandy to the Mcgee channel out near Sometimes Bay and Stormy Flats. Hang some blob flies and Damsels are your upper flies, with a larger chironomid as your bottom fly and cross your fingers!



Fish Mammoth Guides Services is located in Mammoth Lakes, CA (Mono County). Fishing Guide, Jim Elias, can take you fishing on Crowley Lake, Upper Owens, Lower Owens and East Walker River. To book your guided fishing trip with Jim Elias please all him at (760) 582-2195 and for more information please visit his WEBSITE..

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