Silver Lake Resort Fishing Report – Memorial Weekend

Silver Lake - June Lake, CA (Mono County)

Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout
Jerry Wedge always catches his fair share of Trout on Silver Lake and is one of Silver Lake’s best as he caught his share of Browns and Rainbows this past weekend. Maybe someday Julian can be as good as you Jerry. Great Job Jerry!!! Always Good to See You!!
Photo Credit: Courtesy of SIlver Lake Resort Staff


This Memorial Weekend, we need to stop, slow down and remember that the reason why we are able to go fishing and enjoy the beautiful Eastern Sierra is because of the great sacrifices that have been made by so many men and women in the United States Armed Forces.  Thank you to our great men and women who have sacrificed, served and are active Military for all of you and your families sacrifices to allow us to enjoy the beauty of the Eastern Sierra and allow us to continue to fish an catch some great trout!!!  Thank You!!!

The weather up here at Silver Lake and the entire Eastern Sierra has been far from Spring like and more like winter but in between some crazy wind and snow storms, anglers have seen some decent production. It really started to pick up this past Thursday thanks to a timely drop of Desert Springs Rainbows.  A 400 pound load of and 235 fish weighing in at an average of 1.6 pounds per Rainbow Trout and a nice load of 400 pounds of catchables from DFW on Monday.  The fish are out there for t taking, we just need Mother Nature to get on board and lighten up with her wind and cold weather.  But, as we all know, like catching, it is what it is and patients will pay off for some but not all.

Anglers that have been out braving the elements have seen some good success using Night Crawlers, Power Baits if all colors with Garlic and some lures with  Reds and Pinks.  A few float tubers were out this past week using Olive Matukas on their fly rods and had some very good luck with those streamers.  It looks like another up and down week of weather but Summer is in sight and we can only hope for warmer consistent days.
Layer up and we ill see you at the Lake!!

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