Convict Lake Fishing Report

Convict Lake - Mammoth Lakes, CA (Mono County)

Larry Lopez Jr., Torrance, CA, 6 lb., Marina
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Convict Lake Staff

by Convict Lake Staff

Even though the weather wasn't the best this past week, we have seen some whoppers come out of the lake. Three to five pound Kamloop trout were being caught with a Carolina Rig set up.  That set up uses a swivel with a slide weight on an 18 inch,  2 to 4 lb. leader and an inflated nightcrawler.  Garlic Power Bait, Sierra Slammer jigs, Thomas Bouyants, and Mouse Tails were also pulling out some big ones. The hot spots on the lake were the Inlet, South Shore, and the Marina area.

Baits and Tactics
Inflated Nightcrawlers

Sierra Slammer  - Green Grasshopper jig

Mouse Tails - Orange Silver- Chartreuse

Tasmanian Devil - Bleeding Frog

Needlefish - Red Dot - Green Frog

Fishing Tip of the Week

Inflated Nightcrawlers are one of the very best baits to use on our lake.  Use a size 4 single hook for larger nightcrawlers or size 6 hook for baby nightcrawlers with a 4 or 6 lb. test with weights equal to your casting ability.  The heavier the weight, the further you will cast.  Use 1/8 oz. or larger weight.  Take a whole nightcrawler and hook it through the head, the middle, and tail.  With a Magic Worm Inflater, pierce the skin and squeeze air into the worm.  The worm will double in size.  Dip the worm in the water to make sure it floats.  Cast deep 20 to 40 ft. When the sinker or bait hit the bottom, reel in your slack and let it sit and wait for the bite. The worm will still move even though it is inflated.

Resort News

Our lake got stocked this week with over 400 pounds of Kamloop Rainbow trout from the Desert Springs Trout Farm in Summer Lake, OR.  The average fish is about 4 pounds. On the same day, DFW also stocked the lake.  Come on up and throw your line in the water, they are just waiting for you.


The weather continues to play games with springtime.The forecast calls for more snow and rain showers throughout  the week. Thunderstorms are a slight possibility midweek.  Temps will range from the low 60's to the low 30's.  Rain jackets or windbreakers will be in order.

Derby Details

Round-Up at the Lake Derby is in the final weeks.  We have the big tagged fished bonus derby coming up this weekend. June 1st - 3rd is the Hangman's Cash Bonus Derby . There will be 12 tagged fish with the biggest tag being $1000   If you are in the Round-Up then you are automatically entered into the Hangman's Derby. Be sure to sign up in the store before the time runs out. It is only $15 to enter and you get a 14 inch ruler and a 2019 pin.

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