All the Sections Seem to be Holding Good Numbers of Fish!

Walker River - East Fork (CA) - Bridgeport, CA (Mono County)

Photo Credit: ©Chad Woods (May 05, 2017)
All Rights Reserved

by Jim Reid
(760) 932-7707

The East is running at about 207 cfs right now. There has been a lot of pressure on the river lately and it seems to have made the fishing a bit tougher. They’re still taking mainly caddis nymphs and small midge patterns but with the increased pressure it’s really important to get your drifts just right and very near the bottom to fool these fish. All the sections seem to be holding good numbers of fish, from the Miracle Mile section all the way to the Rosachi section in Nevada. There is still some great quality fish being caught with some reports of fish up to around 25 inches being landed this past week. There has been some dry action in the late evenings though it’s been very inconsistent, some evenings when the caddis come off the fish will come up for them, other evenings they don’t come up at all. If you have an extra rod and are down there in the late evening, have it rigged up with an E/C caddis or an elk hair caddis just in case.