Lake Sabrina Fishing Report

Lake Sabrina - Bishop, CA (Inyo County)

by Lake Sabrina Boat Landing Staff

Ma Nature is back at it – fun and games! What a beautiful week and weekend it was, but as we say September is the month of change. We’ve got some breezes in today (Monday) and tomorrow and a very slight chance of the white stuff tomorrow. Getting ready for the first woodstove fire of the winter. The leaves are getting yellower and yellower with tinges of red and orange. The trees across from Camp Sabrina are totally going off red. I do believe Fall is here.

Fishing picked up a bit on the Lake this week with most fish coming from the Inlets and drifting the rock piles. NightCrawlers, PowerBait or Jigs was what was working at the Inlets – remember there are three. (I fished the George Inlet Thursday with NightCrawlers and had 5 fish in a couple of hours and that was with A.N.N. fishing, too.) Trolling a Dave Davis Flasher and a NightCrawler or just a NightCrawler (don’t forget that swivel). If you’re trolling and using leadcore try going down about 6 colors and using a lure with a bit of red. Drift around the rock piles (some are starting to peak out of the water) with NightCrawlers and PowerBait. Shore fishing with NightCrawlers PowerBait or try tossing lures.

Lots of fisherpeople at the Lake this weekend almost as busy at Labor Day, go figure. Matt Brooks, Camron Costa and Mark Newman all got their limits at the Inlet on NightCrawlers. Jimmy Friedman and Phil Ladman celebrated their 41st season on the water catching their limits (yes, there was another stringer that didn’t get in the picture) drifting NightCrawlers. David McCoy landed a 3-1/4 pound beaut using an orange jig. We’ve gone to the every other week stocking schedule, so since we didn’t get stocked last week, it should happen this week.

Have a bit of wildlife in the yard grazing here and there. “Yogi” hung around for 3 nights dumping the gut can over. The deer are probably here every night and during the day – they’ve been eating the apples from the apple tree down by the gas tank and the leaves off the Rhubarb plant out by the back door to the kitchen. One of the does has an orange collar around her next to track her movements.

A little on the breezy side the next couple of days due to the cold weather coming in and Howard is calling for a slight chance of a dusting of snow on Tuesday. Now for the temps, two websites are calling for highs on Tuesday in the mid 50s and in the upper 60s by the weekend. Now the lows are bit of a different story – one website shows 34 degrees for tomorrows low the other website is saying 18 degrees, yup you read that correctly 18 degrees – brrrrrr cold. So pack your woolies. By the weekend you ask, one says we’ll be in the low 40s – the other low 30s. You can check out the weather forecast according to Howard our local weather ‘guesser’ at You can also check out – enter Aspendell, CA (which is the little community right below Lake Sabrina) in the search field and you’ll get the forecast for at the higher elevation. You may need to scroll down on the webpage to see the temps.

Looks like the skeeters might finally be gone, but just in case, when using the bug juice, try not to get it on your hands – you’ll transfer it to your bait and the fish just don’t like bug juice or sunscreen or lotion or cologne or perfume. Wash your hands in the stream or Lake to get it off, and then use some fish attractant on your hands. If you’re coming to the Lake, don’t forget sunscreen and dark glasses –the snow and sun makes it pretty bright against the blue sky. DON’T FORGET THAT JACKET.

We’ve gone to our Fall schedule with the Café closing on Thursdays and shorter hours Monday thru Thursday. The Café will close for the season after Sunday, September 25, 2016.

Store Hours

Monday thru Thursday 8:00am to 6:00pm
Friday thru Sunday 7:00am to 7:00pm

Café Hours

Monday thru Wednesday 8:00am to 4:00pm
Thursday CLOSED
Friday thru Sunday 7:00am to 4:00pm

People, sure would be nice if y’all would pick up your trash when you leave. It’s really not that hard. Just sayin! If you need something to put it in, come into the store and we’ll give you a bag.

A pet peeve – if you catch a big fish or a limit just to have your picture taken for the webpage and then try and give your fish away – we won’t post your picture, but then again we may post it as ‘WASTER OF A PERFECTLY GOOD FISH TO EAT’! Crimp down your barbs, take a picture on the boat and release it for another day.

If you’re hiking stay safe out there. Remember to leave a note about your destination and approximate return time and a clothing description. And you might want to hike with a buddy.

Fishing etiquette is becoming a bit of a problem at the Lake and we don’t like problems. If you come upon someone fishing, please don’t fish right next to them – take a bit of hike farther down and don’t cast over into their spot. Same at the Inlet, there are so many areas to fish on this Lake go find another ‘soon to be’ favorite spot.

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