Silver Lake Fish Report

Silver Lake - June Lake, CA (Mono County)

by Nor Cal Fish Reports

Fishing at Silver Lake has been consistent over the past week.  DFG has continued to stock each Monday which has helped as there are a lot of Anglers hitting the waters this time of the summer.  The water temperature at Silver Lake continues to hover around 55 degrees with some warmer weather at the end of last week and into this weekend.  Look for the fishing to be best early in the morning and late into the evening as those fish are looking to stay cool in the water and will tend to be deeper.  The lake levels have started to drop as the winter snow melt begins to fade.  Silver Lake itself has dropped about two feet this past week and little Alger Creek that feeds into Silver Lake at the point has already started to dry and no longer makes it all the way to the lake.  Fishing this week with Berkley Mice Tails, Thomas Buoyant and Power Baits has seen some steady results of stockers with an occasional larger rainbow being hauled in.  As we head towards a full moon later this week, look for some productive bites using some dry flies.  Look at using a Yellow or Red Humpy, a Renegade Nymph or a Light Cahill with a fly rod or a spinning rod with a bubble.  Don’t be afraid to try some old stand by baits and lures to mix things up, as the press on the lake with anglers is at its peak this time of year. Silver Lake (760) 648-7525

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