Lake Sabrina Fish Report

Lake Sabrina - Bishop, CA (Inyo County)

by Lake Sabrina Boat Landing Staff

A fire in the wood stove Saturday morning as it was downright cold - 30 ° at 6:00am. Got a wee bit more snow this week on both Saturday and Sunday - sure was great to see that white stuff floating down. Also had some pretty strong breezes on Thursday and Friday - not many anglers out braving the weather, although there were lots of photographers out and about. Not sure what these cooler temps will do to the leaves - with the breezes we had there are a few naked trees.

The fishing continued to be on the good side for those out in the elements (and there weren't many). The DingleBerry Inlets is your best bet with NightCrawlers, Jigs (Sierra Slammers) or PowerBait. Those huddling on shore are using NightCrawlers or PowerBait. Trolling is a bit on the slow side, but a few came out using lures or NightCrawlers.

A few larger Rainbows were pulled out this week - Bishop local Chris Gaskill reeled in a fine looking 2-1/2 pounder. Another Bishop local Bob Kindel landed 2 of those nice fish - a 2-pounder and a 2-1/4 pounder on lures. Raymond Escarzega of Los Alamitos and Chris Stark of La Habra brought in a 1-3/4 pound Rainbow along with a few more for dinner using Garlic PowerBait.

Still no bear sightings at the building although there are BIG paw prints and bear scat along the shorelines of the Lake especially at the back by the DingleBerry Inlet. Had a couple of deer around the building eating the apples - sure was a bit of a surprise to look out the back door window and see a deer in your back yard - doesn't happen too often with all the people around.

Twas quite a week for weather - strong breezes, cooler temps and that wonderful white stuff we call snow. The breezes came in on Thursday and stayed thru Friday with sustained winds of 29mph and gusts up to 49mph. Saturday brought the cooler temps with morning temperature at the Lake of 30 and intermittent snow showers thru the day - Sunday - not much different from Saturday. It seems that we had our head in the clouds at times too this weekend - and when the Lake starts steaming - it can get pretty eerie. This coming week's outlook is for warmer temps with highs in Aspendell on Saturday to be in the low-70s and the lows in the mid-30's - oh what a difference a week makes. DON'T FORGET YOUR JACKETS & YOUR WOOLIES! You can also check out - enter Aspendell, CA (which is the little community right below Lake Sabrina) in the search field and you'll get the forecast for the higher elevation or take a look at Howard Sheckter, our local weather 'guesser' report at

Remember the sunscreen, ponchos and dark polarized glasses. The glare off the water is tough on the eyes. And if you have allergies - PACK YOUR MEDS. It's tough breathing out there for some - what with runny noses, stuffed noses & watery eyes, believe us, we know!

One other important item - bug juice, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, cologne, perfume, or any other foo-foo juice is like a fish repellent. If you use any of these items you're basically using fish repellant, and will need to wash your hands, then apply Bite-On fish attractant or rub your hands in worm dirt or pour some Salmon Egg juice on your hands... anything to get the foo-foo stink off your hands.

October 5th will be the last day for the Café and homemade pie and ice cream at Lake Sabrina Boat Landing this year. We will continue to be open for boat rentals, tackle, snacks and cold drinks for a few more weeks.

Store Hours
7:00am to 6:00pm

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Café Hours
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Saturday to Sunday
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11:00am to 4:00pm

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Juanita, Rick, Patti, & Bryan

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