Lake Sabrina Fish Report

Lake Sabrina - Bishop, CA (Inyo County)

by Lake Sabrina Boat Landing Staff

It was another wildlife week at the Lake - a bear, deer, coyote, the bald eagle family, an osprey and plenty of people. And we can't forget the thunderboomers, lightning, rain and hail - yup, it was a wild one!

Even the fishing was on the wild side - lots of limits coming out with many of those limits including trout well over the 2 pound mark. Just about anything you threw at them, they took. Of course the Inlets were wide open - NightCrawlers, PowerBait, Salmon Eggs, Lures and Jigs. Trolling flashers with a NightCralwer or WoolyBugger (fly) or just dragging a NightCrawler (remember that swivel). Drifting with a NightCrawler or PowerBait. Shore fishing with PowerBait or tossing Lures. Got a nice stocking from DFW on Monday.

Sierra Slammers were the choice for Harken Maguire, Nathan, Zane & Zack Ashbrook hauling in limits of 2 pound-plus trout, while Harken bested the fam by bringing in a 3-pounder. Huntington Harbor Anglers Jim Armor and Marc Platt limited with Jim claiming bragging rights with a 3-pounder caught on a NigthCrawler. Shawn Benson nabbed a nice 2-3/4 pounder on a NightCrawler and Danny & Myrna Frausto caught a 2-1/4 pounder also on a NightCrawler. Kelly Peeler caught a 2 pounder using PowerBait and Michael Silveira also caught a 2 pounder on PowerBait Nuggets.

Looks like we should be drying out for a bit, but just in case don't forget your PONCHOS & a JACKET. Temps are expected to be in the mid 70s with the lows in the low 50s - DON'T FORGET YOUR JACKETS (can't say this enough)! You can also check out - enter Aspendell, CA (which is the little community right below Lake Sabrina) in the search field and you'll get the forecast for the higher elevation or take a look at Howard Sheckter, our local weather 'guesser' report at

The skeeters are pretty much done at Lake Sabrina, but we're still hearing of pockets of them at North Lake and in the back country (they are our back country protectors) DON'T FORGET THE BUG JUICE. Also remember the sunscreen, ponchos and dark polarized glasses. The glare off the water is tough on the eyes. And if you have allergies - PACK YOUR MEDS. It's tough breathing out there for some - what with runny noses, stuffed noses & watery eyes, believe us, we know!

One other important item - bug juice, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, cologne, perfume, or any other foo-foo juice is like a fish repellent. If you use any of these items you're basically using fish repellant, and will need to wash your hands, then apply Bite-On fish attractant or rub your hands in worm dirt or pour some Salmon Egg juice on your hands... anything to get the foo-foo stink off your hands.

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Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Juanita, Rick, Patti, & Bryan

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