Some nice 3 lb. + trout caught at Convict Lake & the advantage of using a fly & bubble rig

Convict Lake - Mammoth Lakes, CA (Mono County)

by Convict Lake Staff

Hello Convict Lake fishing report followers!

A great way to fish Convict Lake is with the fly and the bubble rig. This past week a few guests was having great success with this set-up, so I decided to give it some attention on this report. This fly and bubble rig is another way to fish dry flies, wet flies, and streamers without using regular fly fishing equipment. Using Marvel Fly Lures with this rig it a great substitute for streamers. This rig has one big advantage over fly rods when fishing in a lake without a boat or float tube. You will be able to cover a greater distance and area off shore, where fly rods often have more difficulty. The set-up involves a clear plastic bubble with a swivel or a Carolina Keeper above a 3-4 foot leader. I prefer to use fluorocarbon fly fishing tippet as my leader because it has a thinner diameter with greater strength (pound test). Early in the morning and late are the best times for using a dry fly. Only fill the bubble about with water and use a slow retrieve when fishing with a dry fly. Streamer and Marvel Fly Lures can be used all day with good results. When using streamers completely fill the bubble with water (no air) in the bubble and use a medium to slow retrieve but beware of the bottom to avoid getting hung up. The fly and bubble rig also does very well in the back country lakes out of Convict Canyon. Below in the Tackle/Bait section you will find a list of preferred flies. Remember to set the hook with a short, sharp motion. Good luck and tight lines!

Header Photo: Brad Ingraham from Valley Village, CA caught a beautiful 3 pound and 2 ounce rainbow while fishing at the North Shore. Brad was using a night crawler as his bait. Great job Brad!

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Catch of the Week: Congratulations Carlos Galvan of Crowley Lake, CA. Carlos was using a Tasmanian Devil and was posted up at the Jetty when he landed himself a 3 pound and 5 ounce rainbow. The fish is pictured in Photo #1.

Other Notable catches this week:
Gian and Gail Starinieri of Rolling Hills, CA with an excellent catch. They landed a 2 pound 13 ounce rainbow using a nightcrawler. They were fishing at the North Shore.

Tactics/Bait: Tasmanian Devils and nightcrawlers were productive this week at the lake. Also try using Mice Tails, Power Worms or Gulp Pinch Crawlers Garlic. The most successful Powerbait colors were yellow and rainbow. The North Shore and Jetty were the hot spots. Other locations to try are the Inlet, South Shore, Outlet, West Shore, Creek, Handicap Pier and Hangman's Tree.

Here is a list of other baits/lures that can be productive: Tasmanian Devil, Trout Teasers, Panther Martin, NeedleFish, Rooster Tails, and Bite-on Fury Shad on Powerbait.

Here is a list of flies recommended with the fly and bubble rig:
Green or brown Marvel Fly Lures.

Dry Flies: Adams, Female Adams, Cutter's Caddis, Elk Hair Caddis, Stimulators, Black/Red Ants, Sierra Bright Dot, Royal Coachman and Hoppers.

Streamers: Wooly Bugger (black, brown, olive, or green), Mutuka (black, brown, olive, or green), Hornberg, and Muddler Minnows.

Wet Flies(Nymphs): Prince Nymph, Flashback Pheasant Tail, Hare's Ear, Zebra Midge (red and black), Copper John (red and copper) and San Juan Worm (brown or red).

Other Resources: View our Convict Lake Fishing Map and Fishing Rig Suggestions brochures. Both brochures are available in the General Store.

Derby News: CASH BONUS WEEKEND IS JUST THREE WEEKS AWAY!!! Join the fun by participating in the Ambush at the Lake Fishing Derby for a chance to win $6,000 in Resort Prizes! Also mark your calendars for the Morrison's Cash Bonus Weekend on November 1-3. $2000 in cash prizes.Weather: Next week's forecast has the highs in the mid-50's and the lows in the low-30's. The fall colors should hold with the weather forecasted. Make sure to check the National Weather Service site before heading out. Temps could rise or fall dramatically from day to day. Here is the National Weather Service link that is usually quite accurate: 7-Day Forecast Convict Lake.

Sunrise - Sunset: Sunrise this week 7:01am - 7:07am and Sunset 6:24pm - 6:16pm.

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