Fish Report for Lake Sabrina

Lake Sabrina - Bishop, CA (Inyo County)

by Lake Sabrina Boat Landing Staff

Please note our hours:
Store Hours
Sunday thru Saturday
8:00am to 5:00pm

The Cafe is CLOSED for the Summer!

The kitchen at Lake Sabrina is now officially closed for the 2013 season. We'll be open for snacks, cold drinks and tackle from 8:00am to 5:00pm. Sorry, there will be no more homemade pie or ice cream until next season. We'll be scraping and painting the building - joy of joys!

The report is almost a re-run of last week - we had another visit from our 'friendly neighborhood bear' on Tuesday, but rather than the middle of the night - 'Yogi' came strolling across the parking lot at 1:00pm (that's in the middle of the day!). Bryan got a few good shots - he checked out the freezer, the gut can and of course the big dumpster - alas, not much was to be had. The bald eagles are still entertaining those taking a walk to the back of the Lake. We, also, now have an Osprey cruising the Lake - quite spectacular to see.

Not much has changed on what's working and what's not - Fishing in deeper water (that would be behind what is normally the Island or taking a bit of a hike to at least the front of the back natural Lake) with NightCrawlers or PowerBait. Fishing the inlets with a fly and a bubble, NightCrawlers, PowerBait or Lures are getting limits. Got a good load of stockers from the Department of Fish and Game last Friday. They'll keep stocking as long as they can get to the water - not sure how much longer.

A few more fish in the three pound range caught during the week, but this week both by youngsters - Brice Uyeda (13 years young) of Granada Hills landed a 3-pounder on Orange Cheese while Jacob Buccola (10 years young) pulled in a 3-pounder giving him bragging rights over his brother Niko and Dad Tito. Lots of memories made this week.

So, the forms for the guardrails have been stripped away from the bridge and it looks like those humungous steels beams might be removed shortly - getting pretty exciting - it's almost done! That date for the bridge is still set for the end of September.

Pretty much all the smoke is gone - We're crisp & squeaky clean up here in the Sierras again! This week's temps are expected to be in the mid-40s for the lows and in the high-70s for the highs. You can check NOAA's website at and enter ASPENDELL, CA on the site and it will give you a fairly good hint at the weather up at the Lake or check in with Howard at

Remember when using the bug juice and SANITIZER you need to really wash your hands before fishing - then rub some Salmon Egg juice, worm dirt or Anglers Bros Trout attractant to take that smell off. Also, remember your polarized dark glasses and sunscreen.

We're going to start a bit of maintenance on the building, so the deck will be off-limits unless you've got a scraper or paint brush in your hand. If you happen to come by and see a "CLOSED - GONE FISHIN" sign on the door (during the week), it's because we haven't had a car in the lot for at least an hour or two - hope you understand the closed sign - the fish are calling. Bryan will be here during the week periodically to give us a chance to get off the mountain.

Juanita, Rick, Patti, & Bryan

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