Warm water has the Crowley trout down a bit, but still reachable with leadcore & downriggers

Crowley Lake - Mammoth Lakes, CA (Mono County)

by Crowley Lake Fish Camp

Warm water on the surface has put the trout down quite a bit but still very reachable with leadcore and downriggers. The best areas for me have been the Sandy Point side of McGee Bay and from Alligator Point over towards Christmas Bay. Both areas the fish have been biting down in the 24-28 foot depths in the 28-36 foot water. With the algae becoming a small problem here are a couple tips. With the minnow type lures put a Carolina Keeper a rod length from the lures and with lures that spin put the swivel and a bead a rod length away from the lures. Still the best lures for consistant catching the 13 gm Tasmanians really have been working. Each day is different so color wise you need to find the one that is working. Frog patterns in various colors are usually behind my boat. No doubt lots of Needlefish and small Rapalas will work. Fish where the fish are and don't leave fish to find fish. Don Meier CPR Guideservice 760-784-1524

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