Fishing definitely slowed this week at South Lake

South Lake - Bishop, CA (Inyo County)

by Parchers Resort Gang
(760) 873-4177

Much lighter traffic at the lake this week as windy conditions dominated mid week and even though the weekend weather was much improved, it was still pretty quiet in the canyon. Fishing definitely slowed down a bit this week with most anglers reporting some fish but not necessarily limit style fishing.

The bite in Boiler Cove and at the Inlet continues to be primarily a bait bite and even the jig guys are resorting to tipping their jigs with a piece of crawler or mealworm to entire a strike. There are still a ton of fish cruising the shore but these fish have been seeing the same stuff since opener and now that the spawn is winding down, they're getting a case of lockjaw.

Lure tossers are still having a tough time getting fish on the hardware with only a few folks fishing from boats reporting much success using metal lures.

No trolling reports this week.

South Lake Landing will continue with spring hours for another two weeks, open Friday, Saturday & Sundays from 7am to 5pm. Folks wishing to rent a boat Monday through Thursday should check in at the Parchers Resort office anytime after 8am.

The net lake level rise this week was at least a few feet but we're still a good 10 to 12ft from launching the docks, and more importantly, stocking fish. The lake actually dropped a bit over the weekend which was a surprise but I suppose we're all just riding the drought roller coaster at this point and keeping our fingers crossed that we stay on track with the runoff forecasts. Stay tuned for updates.

According to SCE's lake level forecast, the lake will peak below the end of the launch ramp this year so private boaters are out of luck in 2013. We ask that folks please avoid blocking the launch ramp however because Kayakers and South Lake Landing staffers still use the launch ramp area.

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