Little Virginia Fishing Report

Little Virginia Lake - Bridgeport, CA (Mono County)

by Carolyn Webb

Another scorcher of a week on Little Virginia, but stocking held up to the pressure with only a few disappointed anglers that seem to fish the wrong time of day. The surface water is warm and fish are down lower than normal enjoying the summer from a different perspective. I fished Little Virginia the last couple nights and it was fair considering I only used dries and with 3 other people in the boat a fly and bubble is the only likely method to avoid maiming and or surgery. Bait dunkers were using every method available; threaders, blowers, dye and "squirty" stuff, and a bunch were successful. Salmon Peach still held the record for the week with salmon eggs by a nose. It's been a fair to good week overall, and as I keep mentioning Fish and Game is doing it "against all odds", and are managing to get the fish into the waters. Fly flingers were using just about everything, and most had fair to good success on streamers, black and olive, even the burgundy/black took some nice fish. Olive Hornbergs, and olive guinea hen Hornbergs also did very well, they are similar to the ones that a local guide handles, but the gold medal goes to Jeri Vaillancourt of Aliso Viejo who caught and released a 19 ? native brown, it was a magnificent fish, and she didn't reveal the fly.

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