2012 Topaz Lodge Fishing Derby, January 1st thru April 15th, 2012

Topaz Lake - Gardnerville, NV

by Carilyn Albin
(775) 291-4909

Open to anyone 21 or older with a valid fishing license. This promotion applies to trout caught in Topaz Lake, but shall include all strains of trout caught in Topaz Lake. The Legal State of Nevada Fish and Game regulations covering daily limits will apply to this promotion.

Win $100 cash for every tagged fish caught plus 10 entries into the season ending drawing plus $10 in FREE SLOT PLAY.

For every 2 lb. and up trout (untagged) caught in Topaz Lake you get $5 in FREE SLOT PLAY PLUS 5 entries into the drawing. Offers may not be combined.

Weekly winners will be determined by weight. To be eligible, the trout must weigh a MINIMUM OF TWO POUNDS. Weigh in will be handeled at the Topaz Lodge General Store from 7 AM to 6 PM daily. The week will start on Monday at 12 AM and end Sunday night at 12 midnight.

There will be TWO WEEKLY WINNERS each week. First place will receive $50 and second place will receive $25 cash. After weigh in, trout will be marked with a hole punch in the dorsal fin.

Topaz Lodge reserves the right to verify to Topaz Lodge's satisfaction that all trout were caught at Topaz Lake and may use individuals deemed knowledgeable by Topaz Lodge for assistance in verification. All participants presenting a trout, determined not caught in Topaz Lake or not following the rules as outlined, my be subject t6o disqualification. Topaz Lodge reserves all rights to the derby and promotion.

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