A load of fish were recently stocked at Lake Sabrina, fishing should be good for some time

Lake Sabrina - Bishop, CA (Inyo County)

by Rick, Patti, Juanita and Jerrod

Wow, what a week - 1000 pounds of fish from Department of Fish and Game on Monday and then on Friday, here comes the stock truck again with another 1500 pounds of fish - we were all doing the woo-hoo dance - that's a lotta fish! Thank you, DFG!

So to the catching and lots of it - fishing was GREAT - thanks to the 2500 pounds of fish! Fishing the inlets with NightCrawlers, Flys or PowerBait. Trolling Thomas Buoyants, flies or NightCrawlers. Drifting NightCrawlers around the rock piles - one of those rock piles is actually the shoreline between the two natural lakes - look for the red buoys that's where the rock piles are located. Shore fishing with PowerBait or tossing a fly with a bubble.

If you have some questions, come on up to the store and ask we won't bite, but hopefully maybe the fish will after you talked with us! Donice Brown of Woodland Hills got a bite - a 2-pound bite using a NightCrawler - that bite turned into dinner!

It was a pretty quiet week at the Lake - compared to last week - lots of dam fisherpeople. Hope you've had a chance to check out the new website - we've got a bit of history about the canyon and hydro plants along with a pet page. Speaking of pets, a word of caution - if you play Frisbee with Max (the black and white Border Collie) - he gets so overly excited and wants to thank you so much for playing with him - he may give you a love nip - so consider this your warning!

All the campgrounds in the Bishop Creek Canyon are open. The only campground to take reservations is Four Jeffery (www.reserveamerica.com and enter Four Jeffrey) all others are first come first serve. There is a full hook-up campground also on the South Lake road, Creekside RV Park. Remember to take it easy on all the mountain roads, the deer are out in the mornings and evenings and there's lots of hikers out there - can't stress this enough!

Weather looks awesome for the next week (that's as far as the forecast goes) with temperatures in the mid-60's for highs and in the high-40's for lows - you can't beat that! You can check www.weather.gov and enter ASPENDELL, CA on the site and it will give you a fairly good hint at the weather or check in with Howard at www.MammothWeather.com. REMEMBER THAT JACKET - IT TENDS TO BE BETWEEN 25 AND 30 DEGREES COOLER AT THE LAKE.

Yes, we still have the skeeters - I'm not sure if they're waning or I'm just becoming immune to them, but they're not bother me as much, but with the added rain from last week they'll probably still be with us for a bit longer - remember when applying bug juice, sunscreen, SANITIZER or any other FU-FU juice, WASH YOUR HANDS! The juice you apply will taint your tackle and bait. You know it tastes yucky, the fish think it tastes yucky, too, although have you ever tasted PowerBait or Worms - to each their own.

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