The fishing has been very good with lots of good reports coming in

East Walker River (CA) - Bridgeport, CA

by Kens Sporting Goods Staff

The East is still running at about 262 cfs and has been at that level for over a week. The fishing has been very good down there with lots of good reports coming in from anglers nymphing and streamer fishing. Most anglers are reporting having good days with anywhere from 10 to 30 fish being caught usually with a few taping at over 20” for most anglers. Some patterns to try down there include: Ziwi, Dali Lama, sculpzilla, Cousin It, dead drift crayfish, perdigon, darth baetis, drag queen, flashback emerger, dark lord, soft hackle.
Also, some food for thought, in the Fish and Wildlife Departments infinite wisdom they have decided to not make barbless hooks mandatory on the East Walker, this is absolutely going to be detrimental to the life if this amazing river in the future, if you care at all about the East Walker and its sustainability, please pinch your barbs, if everyone adheres to this practice it will help the East Walker River to keep on being a world class fishery. Thanks for your consideration.

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for Saturday, April 27th

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Bridgeport Reservoir: 5lb 6oz BFEF