Picking up finally!

Crowley Lake - Mammoth Lakes, CA (Mono County)

Photo Credit: Jim Elias

by Jim Elias

Water Level - 6767.7ft - Water is developing some algae now but not bad - Surface temps near 65 by early afternoon, Bottom temps hovering in the low 60s depending on where you check.

Rod Size: #5-#6 Weights

Tippet Size: 3-4X

Leader: Deep Indicator Rig 15-25ft

Dries: N/A

Nymphs:  Black Zebra #16Gray/Black Midge #16-18Albino Baron Wine #16, White Tiger #16 , Copper Tiger #14-16, Albino Baron Red #16, Red/Black Midge #16, Red/Black Dubbed Head Optimidge #16-18, Gray Dubbed Head Optimidge #16-18, Spiral Red Holographic #16, Albino Baron Spiral Flash #16, Purple/Silver #16, Spiral Flash Grey/Black #16, FMF #16, Rasta Midge #14-16

Streamers: Black Maribou Leech #12, Hornberg #10, Doc's Black #10



The fish are still deep, and it changes day to day. Sometimes they start deep and move in shallower, some days they start in the shallows and move out deep. You definitely want to shop for a spot and try to park right on top of them. I noticed today if I wasn't directly on them seeing them on the screen after I anchored I wasn't getting a whole lot. They're anywhere from 30ft all the way out to about 38ft. Most of my takes were about 18-24 inches off the bottom. Didn't get much on the bottom fly when I hung it in the mud, but if I was 2-4ft off the bottom I was still getting grabs which is nice if you want to be lazy and not tie on any tippet when you move... The fleet has now moved from the west side of McGee back over to the Stormy Flats side, I marked lots of fish over there and had a decent day today, almost all browns today with a few rainbows in the mix. No cutthroat today which makes me happy, but not getting them does lower the fish count a little. Water temps and lake level are pretty stable, the wind has still been coming up almost every single afternoon and the hatches haven't been that great. You'll need to experiment with flies and depth if you want to be successful right now. So change your depth, then change your fly a couple times and if you're still not getting into them, it's probably time to move, sometimes only a few boat lengths. 


Fish Mammoth Guides Services is located in Mammoth Lakes, CA (Mono County). Fishing Guide, Jim Elias, can take you fishing on Crowley Lake, Upper Owens, Lower Owens and East Walker River. To book your guided fishing trip with Jim Elias please all him at (760) 582-2195 and for more information please visit his WEBSITE..

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