7,500 3.5inch Brown Trout

East Carson River (NV) - Minden, NV (Douglas County)

Photo Credit: Angler's Edge

by Liz Weirauch

We’ve waited to post these pics of stocking 7,500 3.5” brown trout in the east Carson, as ‘high’ as possible in Nevada.. ( our biologist wanted to see if it worked)
It DID! It was FABULOUS ! I think we only lost between 20-25 little ones out of that 7500.
Our kidneys got rocked on that road, but it’s been a work in progress of 3 + years for The Angler’s Edge and the Carson Valley ATV group to get this going. .. Kurt Z from the High Sierra Fly CastersWe hope to do it every year!
More to come on this and a schedule that will be months in advance!

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