Lake Sabrina Fish Report

Lake Sabrina - Bishop, CA (Inyo County)

by Lake Sabrina Boat Landing Staff

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    October 25, 2009 at 1:00pm

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Well I thought it best to start weaning you from the fishing reports, news and pictures as next weekend will be it for OUR season (We're a bit on the tired side). Fishing season in the Eastern Sierras continues on until November 15th (Maybe I'll still get my big Brown - shouldn't miss with Rick as my guide!). Had a bit of snow Tuesday (enough where our satellite dishes were gathering a great deal of snow and very quickly - Rick was out with a broom every 10 minutes) and w-i-n-d Wednesday this week, then absolutely gorgeous weather - warmer temps - in the low 60s - then w-i-n-d again on Sunday and now we hear there is a bit of a storm due at the beginning of the week with a slight chance of snow.

Department of Fish and Game was busy up in the Bishop Creek Canyon area these past couple of weeks with lots of fish being planted in the lakes and streams (yeah, I know, why couldn't it have been in June - Spring fishing is coming and it will be remarkable - at least it should!). In the past two weeks, we've seen 2350 pounds of hatchery fish dumped into Lake Sabrina - it was some awesome catching on Saturday. Bill Thompson with nephew Taylor Barnes of Hemet had their limits by 8:30am off the banks of Lake Sabrina.

As I said catching was on the upswing, but it seems that the fish have once again deserted the inlets. The best fishing yet again was drifting the rock piles especially the shore (which is underwater - check out the picture on our home page when the lake was down) between the two natural lakes with NightCrawlers and PowerBait. The trollers are using flashers and a NightCrawler or Red and Gold Thomas Buoyant in the morning and evenings. Those fishing from shore are using NightCrawlers and PowerBait.

The only campgrounds now open in Bishop Creek Canyon are: The Forks, Big Trees and BitterBrush.

A slight chance of snow maybe Monday and wind forecast until Tuesday evening with temps in the low to mid 40s then up to the low 50s for mid-week. Haven't heard or seen the forecast for next weekend, but for all you Brown hunters you best be hopin' for some ugly weather cuz' as you know the Browns only bite in the most inclement weather. Check out the website for the Aspendell area that will give you at least some clue as to what to expect.

Don't forget your sunscreen and dark glasses, the glare on the water is soooo bright, they just might blind your eyeballs. COATS, GLOVES, THERMALS, and KNIT CAPS WILL BE NEEDED!

You all have a great week and if the stress gets too great, you all know where to come to get some relief! But, remember you don't need to be stressed to come. WE JUST WANT TO SEE YOU SOON!