Virginia Lake Fish Report

Virginia Lakes - Bridgeport, CA (Mono County)

by Carolyn Webb

The weather keeps getting better, and this may be the Indian Summer of the century. A few hours of rain and hail last weekend drove the bugs from Europe into the local waters driving the fish down and compressing the water layers and maybe the lake will turnover shortly. High country waters like at our elevation of 9770 feet has it's own climate and we basically have 2 seasons, winter and August (it's a joke), but everyone knows "that if you don't like weather, wait 10 minutes", as it's gonna change.

Fishing has been slow until DFG showed up with 400 pounds of gorgeous rainbows, and topped off with supplement fish from Conway Ranch, and also Alpers trout. It was a bonus day for everyone, and I guess the word got out that everyone was not only fishing, but actually catching a lot of fish. I saw stringer after stringer come out and was even told that a few anglers were over catching. Of course, I'm not a warden and there's little I can do but a citizens arrest if I see it. Catching slowed down by late Friday, and the wind came up last night and it was windy most of Saturday leveling out the playing field, with a lot of strike outs for the anglers. Hopefully things will change in the next few days, as the forecast says sunny and clear.

Top lures, bait and flies for the week were, red/gold Thomas Buoyant, red/silver Super Duper's, Cripple Lures, black Rooster Tails and silver Buoyants. Worms, pink and chartreuse power worms, garlic power bait, rainbow glitter, salmon peach and red power eggs. Flies tossed were olive woollies, the Delta Angler's special ties (Don), and a lot of custom tied woolies with extra flash, shorter tails, and flashy bodies, and Wiggle Tail nymphs in olive. The hottest dries were black Gnat parachute, blue wing olive parachute, black fur ants, small crickets (live would work best, ooops I didn't say that). We have a gargantuan cruising Big Virginia, anyone want to try their luck? Come on fly flingers wait for the bad weather and get your pontoon and I'll give you a hint. See you on the water .....carolyn

Virginia Lakes Resort is located near the top of Conway Summit between Mono Lake and Bridgeport, CA. We have everything you need to enjoy the Eastern Sierra. Check out our WEBSITE.

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