Upper Owens River Fish Report- Update by Mark Spieler 8-25-09

Owens River - CA

by The Trout Fitter Staff
(800) 637-6912

Water Conditions:

The flow above Hot Creek Confluence is 57 and around 90 below it down to the lake.
The water is clear above the Hot Creek confluence and off color below it.
Temps are in the low to mid 60's

Fishing Conditions and Hatches:

Not as many fish in the system as in previous seasons but you can still find a few fish in almost every hole. We are seeing some nice 14" browns being hooked consistently as well as the usual stocked and wild bow.

Fishing options range from fishing Dry's to Dry/Dropper to Nymphing with or without an indicator to streamer fishing. Nymphing is producing the most fish as you are bring your fly down to the fish.
Hatches include some Tricos early, Midges early and late, Caddis from midday on. Plenty of small Hoppers around the banks.

Anglers who can make good dead drifts in their first three presentations in a particular hole definitely have an advantage over those who cannot. Landing your set up softly helps as well. Use 9 foot rods or longer.
With fewer fish in the system and relatively low water, adding a little stealth to your game helps. Stay lower move slower, be aware of your shadow and wear earth tone clothing.

Recommended Flies:

Dry Flies: Elk Hair Caddis #14 - 18, EC Caddis #18-20, Hoppers #16-14, Foam Ants in Red or Black # 16-14, Any small attractor patterns with a good drift...

Nymphs: Copper Johns #16-18, Royal Coachmen style wet flies #16-18, Peasant Tails, Soft Hackles, Prince Nymphs #16-20, tan/brown CDC Caddis emergers, #16 -20, Barr's Trico, #20, WD40 (black) #16-#18 Zebra Midges #18 -20.

Streamers: Most anything in the evening...keep streamer smallish #10-14. Small trout fry or chub patterns like #14 PT's or Hare's Ears tied "dropper style" behind something bigger.

Guide\'s Hint: We have been seeing an alarming display of poor etiquette on this water since last season. This water can only handle so many anglers. Please do not overcrowd this stream. The essence of fly fishing requires you have some room to fish fresh water. It is unfair to the fish and the anglers who arrived before you to continue to pile more anglers on to a certain stretch of stream. Rule #1: The anglers on the water first have priority to the water. If you want to fish in that vicinity, talk to the angler who is there, find out which direction they are going and go the other way. Please try to stay at least 100 yards from any other angler. Don't act like an unaware bait angler with a fly rod in your hand!

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