Lower Owens River Fish Report- Update by Eric hein 8-25-09

Owens River - CA

by The Trout Fitter Staff
(800) 637-6912

Water Conditions:

After a good portion of summer seeing low (150 cfs) flows on the Lower O, LADWP has decided to change that. Flows have steadily risen over the past 2 weeks and are currently at 302 cfs, as of 8-25.

Water temps are in the mid to upper 60\'s but still fishable. During times of changing flows the challenge is to find where the fish have moved to.They gotta eat,the question is where.

Fishing Conditions and Hatches: Good

With the flows being slowly brought up, fish are a little unsettled, but are still eating. Nymphing and streamer fishing has been more productive. Female Tricos ,micro caddis,and midges start around 6a.m.About 8 or 9 the Trico spinner fall will go off.

Late morning into early afternoon there are small mayflies on the water as well as craneflies. Caddis again as well as male Tricos ,midges, and aquatic moths throughout the afternoon/evening.

Recommended Flies:

-NYMPHS- #18-24 WD-40 in Grey or Black, #16-22 Zebra Midge, #16-22 Flashback Pheasant Tail, #14-18 Hare\\\'s Ear, #16-18 Bird of prey tan and olive, #14-22 micro mayfly, #18-20 Sparkle caddis pupa, #16-18 Birds Nest, #20-22 Black and Rusty Trico Spinner, #20-22 Black Copper Johns,#18-22 Barr's BWO emergers

-DRIES- #16-20 Elk Hair caddis #14-16 Stimi, #16-22 Parachute Adams, #16 Parachute Cahill, #12-16 humpy, #10-14 parachute hopper, #10-12 Daves Hopper, # 18-22Parachute Caddis,#18-24 Hot creek caddis

-STREAMERS- Wooly bugger in Olive,Black or Brown #6-10, Slump Buster olive and brown #8-10, Meat Whistle olive and brown #6-8

Guides Hint: Use caution wading as flows are up and subject to rise. Wading staffs are nice when the flows are up on the Lower O.

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